Apple Tablet Article Rundown

by Braden Kelley

Apple Tablet Article RundownToday is the day of Apple’s latest media event. This is the one where everyone expects Apple to introduce some kind of new tablet device (iPad, iTouch, iSlate, etc.). Because this could be another transformational device innovation by the company, and because insights should always come before ideas and solutions, we’ve been discussing some of the potential insights behind the device here on Blogging Innovation.

If you’ve missed some of these articles or would still like to join the conversation before or after the device is launched today, here is a rundown of the articles we’ve contributed to the Apple tablet conversation beginning with the article on the bottom on August 31, 2009:

  1. Apple Tablet Won’t Save Newspapers
  2. Will Apple Introduce the Innovation Expected from Google?
  3. Apple Tablet Won’t Be Runaway Success
  4. Microsoft – Apple – Google in Tablet Battle
  5. 2010 – Year of the Man Purse
  6. Where’s the Innovation Google?
  7. Apple Tablet Sneak Preview
  8. What Innovation Could an Apple Tablet Offer?
  9. Apple Tablet or iPhone Accessory?

The articles are not feature rumor articles, but instead a collection of conversations around why Apple might do a tablet device, what kinds of innovation they might offer, and the launch of such a device might affect human and market behavior.

I hope you enjoy them. And I, like everyone else, look forward to seeing what Apple actually introduces today.

Insights and execution drive business success. Let’s see what insights Apple has chosen to build their device on, and if they can execute on delivering a solution powered by those insights that finds success in the marketplace.

We’re waiting…

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