Innovation Perspectives – August Wrapup

by Braden Kelley

Innovation Perspectives is a new monthly feature to present our loyal readers with different perspectives on a single topic all in one place along with the ability to compare, contrast and discuss them in the comments here on Blogging Innovation and in the Continuous Innovation group on LinkedIn. This month’s topic was:

“Describe the importance of innovation strategy to the success of an organization’s innovation efforts.”

  • Do companies need an innovation strategy?
  • What role does it play?
  • What are best practices in setting innovation strategy?
  • How should organizations integrate their innovation strategy into their corporate strategy?

Here is a list of all of the authors that participate this month and links to their articles on this topic.

  1. Rowan Gibson – What exactly is an innovation strategy?
  2. Dan Keldsen – Strategy From Above?
  3. Drew Boyd – What/Why/When/How/Where/Who
  4. Mike Brown – Yes, No, and Everything In Between
  5. Steve Todd – Leveraging Intrapreneurs
  6. Hutch Carpenter – Making Your Own Luck
  7. Jeffrey Phillips – Do you need an innovation strategy?
  8. Braden Kelley – Directed Innovation for Strategic Success

If you would like to suggest a topic for next month’s Innovation Perspectives, or would like to contribute, please leave a comment or contact us.

Braden Kelley is the editor of Blogging Innovation and founder of Business Strategy Innovation, a consultancy focusing on innovation and marketing strategy. Braden is also @innovate on Twitter.

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