Who is the Best Innovation Author?

by Braden Kelley

Thanks to all of you, Blogging Innovation has experienced incredible global growth (even in Portuguese). To better serve you, the Blogging Innovation readers, I have decided to open up this blog to publishing the best innovation and marketing strategy insights from around the web.

While I will still be writing articles for the blog, I will now become more of an editor and caretaker of Blogging Innovation and the Continuous Innovation group on LinkedIn. I will be focusing on publishing only the highest quality global innovation and marketing strategy insights from ad hoc and regular contributors. I’ve got a few re-publishing agreements in place but am looking for more.

If there is an innovation author you think I should approach about writing for Blogging Innovation, please contact me or post a comment below. I am seeking:

Articles – for Blogging Innovation (guest author example)
Videos – for Innovation Interviews, YouTube, or Vimeo channels

Or, if you are an innovation practioner and have a thought leadership piece, interesting case study, or a great e-mail or video interview that you would like to share with the world, please contact me, post a comment, or send me an @reply on Twitter.

I look forward to bringing you even more exciting new content!

Braden Kelley (@innovate on Twitter) – Editor of Blogging Innovation

NOTE: Potential authors – Unique material is ideal, but I am happy to re-publish a great article from another blog. Embedded video and pictures are fine as long as your inclusion of this material complies with copyright laws. I won’t be able to publish every submission, so I apologize in advance to those not selected.

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