World Innovation Forum Wrapup

by Braden Kelley

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I recently had the opportunity to attend the World Innovation Forum (May 5-6, 2009) and a couple of pre-conference events on May 4, 2009 – the ?WhatIf! Innovation Forum and the Paul Saffo Workshop. I was invited to blog and tweet from the balcony at the World Innovation Forum as a member of the BloggersHub (sponsored by Pitney Bowes).

The conference lineup included – Paul Saffo, CK Prahalad, Vijay Govindarajan, Clayton Christensen, Fred Krupp, and Dan Ariely

I did a lot of live-tweeting at the event and have now finished up my blogging this week in David Letterman fashion with a series of Top 10 Insights posts. To wrap it up, here are my Top 10 World Innovation Forum Experiences (including private visits I scheduled while in NYC):

  1. The infamous Cinco De Mayo dinner
  2. Dan Ariely
  3. ?WhatIf! Innovation Field Trip (Apple Store and OZOlab)
  4. Clayton Christensen (2nd Session)
  5. TheVisualMD visit with CEO Alexander Tsiaras (blog entry coming soon)
  6. Making Boris Pluskowski laugh at my tweets
  7. ?WhatIf! Innovation Breakfast
  8. Brightidea visit with Co-founder Vincent Carbone
  9. BloggersHub Pizza Lunch
  10. Paul Saffo Workshop

Here are links to all of my Top 10 Insights posts:

It was good to finally meet the other innovation bloggers in person and to hear a lot of great speakers. The BloggersHub helped to extend the reach of the event to thousands of people around the globe who followed the tweet stream and blog posts, and several of the online conversations around points made by the speakers had me laughing out loud.

In the end, I came away with a few key insights that will help to shape my business, and a couple of thoughts for new white papers that I hope will advance our collective understanding of what it takes to successfully and continuously innovate.

Have you found this conference coverage useful?

Do you think more conferences should model the BloggersHub concept?

NOTE: If slides from any of the talks are shared with me or posted somewhere, then I will update my posts with embedded versions or links.

Braden Kelley (@innovate on Twitter)

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