Top 10 Fred Krupp Insights – World Innovation Forum

by Braden Kelley

Taking a slightly different approach than other World Innovation Forum bloggers, I’ve distilled the 90 minutes with Fred Krupp down into these Top 10 Insights:

  1. We are pumping pollution into the air like there is no tomorrow – and if we don’t change, there might not be…
  2. There are now more wind power employees than people mining coal
  3. The solar energy business market cap is over $100 Billion – Who knew?
  4. Brazil and Indonesia are #3 and #4 in CO2 emissions – after #1 USA and #2 China
  5. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) created an online community to spur innovation
  6. Fred Krupp is not a supporter of the Pickens Plan – he thinks it ties us to natural gas powered electric cars and trucks
  7. Fred Krupp showed a video of a guy making things out of sugar and then criticized the technology because it can push food prices higher (I love it when people aren’t afraid to weaken their own proof points)
  8. Conrad Burke of Innovalight and their printed solar cells was another interesting topic
  9. Will the world approve a cap-and-trade agreement by December 2009 in Copenhagen when Kyoto is revisited?
  10. Fred Krupp is a huge fan of implementing a cap and trade system

Finally, I’d like to end with a quote from Bernie Karl that personifies the entrepreneurial or innovative spirit:

“I never let lack of money or education stop me, I believe they are my two strongest assets.”

What do you think?

Braden Kelley (@innovate on Twitter)

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