Live Coverage from the World Innovation Forum

by Braden Kelley

Hello all,

Next week I will be attending the following events and live blogging and tweeting from them:

1. May 4 – ?WhatIf! Innovation Field Trip to the Apple Store and OVO
2. May 4 – Paul Saffo Workshop
3. May 5/6 – World Innovation Forum
4. May 7 – Field Trip to TheVisualMD headquarters to interview CEO Alexander Tsiaras

I will also have my video camera and hope to record some segments for YouTube’s Survival of the Fastest and for the Innovation Interviews section of my site (coming soon).

If you’d like to be interviewed on camera at the World Innovation Forum about the innovation efforts at your company, please DM me on Twitter. If you live in the UK, I am especially interested in interviewing you for potential Survival of the Fastest segments.

Or if you’d just like to meet-up at the event, then please also DM me on Twitter.

In addition to yours truly:

@innovate (Braden Kelley,

The following individuals will be joining me in the Bloggers Hub at the World Innovation Forum:

@reneecallahan (Renee Callahan,

@donpeppers (Don Peppers,

@Pauldunay (Paul Dunay,

@HelenWalters (Helen Walters,

@AndreaMeyer (Andrea Meyer,

@chrisflanagan (Christine Flanagan,

@pinnovation (Jeff De Cagna,

@yourboot (Julie Lenzer Kirk,

@katiekonrath (Katie Konrath,

@dominicbasulto (Dominic Basulto,

@FHInnovation (Kathie Thomas & Stephanie Susman,

@LeftTheBox (Samir Balwany,

@Stu (Stuart Miniman,

@SteveTodd (Steve Todd,

Other bloggers covering the event live include:

Idris Mootee,

Howard Wright,

Bernie Gracy,

Michael Lee Stallard,

Robert McNeill,

I look forward to meeting all of my fellow bloggers and other conference attendees May 4-7 in New York City.

All the best,


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