Business Innovation Factory (BIF-4) – Day One

by Braden Kelley

Day One at Business Innovation Factory (BIF-4) was quite interesting. The storytelling format was interesting and a bit of a departure from the canned Microsoft PowerPoint routine.

I will have to post my detailed thoughts tomorrow as I had to do a bit of work for my large software company and marketing agency clients before I could start blogging tonight. So in the meantime, here is a run-down of the Day One speaker line-up and what they spoke about:

  1. Saul Kaplan (Chief Catalyst – Business Innovation Factory)
    – Welcome
  2. John Abele(Co-Founder – Boston Scientific)
    – Finding the USS Grunion
  3. Mark Ecko (Founder – Ecko Enterprises)
    – How Ecko and its logo came to be
  4. Curt Columbus (Trinity Repertory Company)
    – The need for random interaction
  5. Alexander Tsiaras (Founder –
    – Visual anatomy
  6. Jacqueline Novogratz (Founder – Acumen Fund)
    – Social capitalism
  7. Jason Fried (Co-Founder – 37Signals)
    – Building an audience
  8. Matt Cottam (Business Innovation Factory)
    – Nursing Home of the Future project
  9. James Ludwig (Steelcase)
    – Generation Y
  10. Richard Satava (Surgeon – University of Washington)
    – The importance of failure
  11. Dave Kusek (Berklee Music)
    – The impact of technology on music
  12. Gary Koelling/Steve Bendt (Best Buy)
    – Innovation by accident
  13. Richard Saul Wurman (Author, Founder of TED Conference)
    – The dearth of comparable city information
  14. Joseph Coughlin (MIT)
    – Meeting the demands of an aging population
  15. Lewis Gordon Pugh (Swimmer/Adventurer)
    – Saving the Arctic (1st distance swim at the north pole)

What will tomorrow hold?

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