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Innovation Excellence is THE opportunity to make a direct connection with the global innovation community.

Our members:

  • attend innovation conferences
  • buy innovation software and apps
  • hire innovation consultants
  • book innovation leadership courses
  • order innovation books
  • engage innovation speakers and training
  • require other innovation services

Where else can you engage with over 150,000 unique monthly visitors from more than 170 countries who have a passionate interest in your innovation offerings?

How to advertise on Innovation Excellence

If you would like to buy advertising on Innovation Excellence please fill out the form at the bottom of the page selecting your advertisement type ($500 minimum purchase) from the options below:

  • $10,000 per article – Sponsored Article
  • $1,000 per month – 188×90 Premium Sponsor – Top of Right Sidebar
  • $73.00 per day – 728×90 Leaderboard – Top of Site
  • $73.00 per day – 160×600 Wide Skyscraper – Right Sidebar
  • $29.00 per day – 728×90 Leaderboard – Bottom of Site
  • $250 for a 10-pack – 550×200 Article Banners embedded in the article for its life

There are also three other ways to gain visibility on the site:

  • Directory Entry– $500/year for companies, and $100 for contributing authors
  • Remnant Sponsorship – $1,000/month for a share of all unsold banner inventory (worth up to $5,000)
  • Content Partnerships – our custom content service offerings

There are also other ways to gain visibility off-site via our email channels:

  • $125 per week – Email Newsletter (30,000+ subscribers) – Banner ad at top (728×90)
  • $75 per week – Email Newsletter (30,000+ subscribers) – Banner ad in middle (728×90)
  • $50 per week – Email Newsletter (30,000+ subscribers) – Banner ad at bottom (728×90)
  • Contact for pricing – Text email blast to Innovation Excellence group on Linkedin (43,500+ members)

And finally, we can also help your organization create a custom innovation site, curated RSS feed, or curated email stream for your own internal or external audience to maximize your own unique innovation success.

To purchase a Directory Entry or Remnant Sponsorship or email advertisement, to arrange an advertising swap (for services or advertising), or to discuss our custom research or marketing offerings, please fill in the simple contact form below.

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