In addition to all of the valuable articles, videos, presentations, and interviews that Innovation Excellence brings to you every day, periodically we will be bringing you great webinars with industry thought leaders to expand your mind and help you further your innovation efforts. Here are the details of upcoming or past webinars brought to you by Innovation Excellence:

Unexpected Innovation

A Conversation with Tiffany Vasilchik and Andrew Dent, Ph.D. of Material ConneXion
October 30, 2012 - 12:00PM EDT (GMT -5:00)
Price: FREE

What happens in the innovation process when science intersects design? How can physical materials push the boundaries of science to solve problems and create fresh solutions for industry? Breakthroughs occur when innovators cross pollinate insights and materials from one industry to another. Physical materials give rise to entirely new solutions when they are integrated with leading indicators from consumer and cultural trends and design.

Join us for a lively conversation with Material ConneXion Innovation and Trend expert Tiffany Vasilchik and Andrew Dent, Ph.D., Andrew Dent, Ph.D., a leading expert in innovative materials, who who will share case studies and lessons learned from almost two decades of innovation driven by leveraging the possibilities of physical materials. Innovation IS physical.

Material ConneXion has an international team of experts that bridge the gap between science and design to create practical but breakthrough solutions for its Clients. Their multi-disciplinary team includes Ph.D. material scientists and specialists, brand consultants as well as design strategists. The team has a wealth of cross industry experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the military. Headquartered in NYC, Material ConneXion has ten innovation Libraries globally.

Join Innovation Excellence co-founder and executive editor, Julie Anixter, as she moderates this 30 minute discussion and opens it up to your questions and inspirations from around the world.

If you would like to host a future webinar with Innovation Excellence, please contact us.

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