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Interview with Craig Swann, Music Innovator, on the Launch of LoopLabs

We sat down with Craig Swann, a well respected digital music innovator and the founder of Looplabs, a new collaboration platform that he calls the "Google Docs" of music that is disrupting music studios and allowing individuals to make music in a whole new way. The interview and your chance to make your own loops follows...

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Building a Global Sensing Network – Updated

Building a Global Sensing Network - UpdatedWhen I first wrote about Building a Global Sensing Network I wrote in the specific context of the war for innovation and the need to make sure you’re fighting it outside your organization -- not inside. We looked at how most organizations hire the most ...

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How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 1

How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 1 - Innovation ExcellenceStudy after study shows that “innovation” has a premier spot on the Top Management Agenda. True, the word “innovation” may be overused. So for example, upon learning that the “Peanut Butter Pop Tart” was one of the most important innovations of a ...

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Innovation and The Art of Implementation (Part 2)

Innovation and The Art of Implementation (Part 2)The topics covered in Robert’s Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation (available on Amazon and at bookstores starting December 8, 2015) naturally fall into three distinct areas: The “Big Ideas” of Implementation The “People Aspects ...

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The Rule of Thirds and Why it’s Key to Managing Massive Change

The Rule of Thirds, and Why it's Key to Managing Massive ChangeTransitions bring out the best and the worst in people. When we began the transition of our flagship PDF product, Acrobat, from boxed software to a subscription offering as part of our new Document Cloud—one of the more massive transitions in Adobe’s ...

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Building a Global Innovation Capability at a Large Company

Building Innovation at Large CompaniesAn interesting thing happens in successful companies. They tend to focus on what made them successful and over time actually drive out innovation and instead develop a resistance to risk-taking.   Known as the “incumbent’s curse,” examples are easily ...

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Sanofi’s Prescription for Innovation Success

Sanofi's Prescription for Innovation Success - innovation ExcellenceWhat do you do if you’re stuck on a “burning platform” with an implicit mandate to innovate but the time is not quite right for your organisation to kickstart a formal innovation hub? If you’re Tal Rapke, you just do it. Before Dr Rapke was innovat ...

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