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How I Use Design Thinking to Leverage Strength and Design ‘around’ Weakness

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. During the show I shared my story of how I applied “design thinking” to leverage my strengths and design around my weaknesses. This approach resulted in breakthrough performances as both an athlete and an entrepreneur.

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Shift Things Around

Shift Things AroundWhen leading a series of innovation workshops in our home town for the Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team with division leaders at Memphis’ City Hall, our task was steep: change long-standing behavior patterns. Turn doers into innovators. Have proven profes ...

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Can You Teach People to Innovate?

Can you teach people to innovate? - Innovation ExcellenceOne of my recent pet peeves is the proliferation of education options for innovation. One of my alma maters offers a "certificate" for innovation management.  While I cannot comment on the course, it is taught by two professors with little private sector ex ...

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The Future of Jobs and Education

The Future of Jobs and Education - Innovation ExcellenceLife is a learning experience, or so they say. Broadly speaking educational activities can be split into two categories - “Life skills” and “Professional Skills”. The Life skills that we all need to learn and the way we learn them have remained re ...

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Measuring Innovation, Part 3/3: The Growth Innovation Index (GII)

Measuring Innovation, Part 3/3: The Growth Innovation Index (GII) - Innovation ExcellenceThis article is the third and final in a series of 3 articles discussing measuring product innovation. Part 1 discussed the importance of innovation, and how it is measured today. Part 2 covered the criteria for a new and effective innovation index. Toda ...

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Taking Innovation from Lab to Society

Taking Innovation from Lab to Society - Innovation ExcellenceUniversity and state-run laboratories are undoubtedly rich sources of potential innovation, with breakthroughs made in fields such as life sciences and technology powering innovations ranging from 3D printing to medical devices. The track record is impressi ...

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The Rise of the Smart Creative (Lessons from Google)

In How Google Works, Eric Schmidt shares in the quotes included below: “Today we all live and work in a new era, the Internet Century, where technology is roiling the business landscape and the pace of change is accelerating.”  This is to say: ...

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