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Why You Should Earn Your Innovation Certification

I am strong believer in continuous learning and improvement. I also do believe that we use a very small fraction of our brain’s intellectual power. I often recommend to pricing, marketing, and innovation professionals that they should invest 3 to 5% of their annual income in training and developing themselves. One way to do this is…

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Who NOT to Put in Charge of Innovation

Who NOT to Put in Charge of InnovationI just hung up from a call with a colleague in which we were planning how to bring up a difficult topic at tomorrow’s client meeting regarding innovation. It is surprising how often this situation occurs in consulting work. This time the root of the situa ...

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 3: Honor the Order, Abandon the BOM

Modern Mass Customization – Rule 3: Honor the Order, Abandon the BOMAs a follow-up to the post, Free to Choose: Mass Customization for Modern Manufacturers, here is the third rule to live by for modern mass customizers. Most mainstream Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems in the marketplace today are designed with ...

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Big Data & Analytics for Pharma

Big Data has moved far beyond the buzzword and into operational excellence in a growing number of large organizations. There's an appreciation that Big Data is not an answer in and of itself, but that it's a powerful tool to achieve new insights faster fo ...

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A Game Plan for Corporate Innovation

A Game Plan for Corporate InnovationI recently had some interactions with a company working to ramp up their innovation efforts. We had several discussions on different ways of approaching this and here you get some quick and dirty insights on how such an approach could look like. It could st ...

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Building and Retaining Competitive Talent

Building and Retaining Competitive TalentTwo of the key business imperatives for any organization are: 1. Build and retain competitive talent base 2. Deliver extraordinary customer experience. Are these two business imperatives exclusive or they should co-exist? The customer experience ha ...

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3 Lessons in ‘Just Do It’ Innovation

3 Lessons in 'Just Do It' InnovationIn the field of innovation, change that can impact a business runs the gamut between “just do it” ideas and ideas that take weeks, months, or even years before they start generating a return. But every idea has the potential to make an impact and save em ...

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