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A Culture of Innovation at IPO-Bound Etsy – and Five Lessons It Inspires

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” management guru Peter Drucker famously said. Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce site for handcrafted and vintage items, is a compelling case in point. The company is reportedly preparing for an IPO this year, aiming to raise $300 million.

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Thought Leader Wanted

People-Centric MarketingWe live in an increasingly complex world where both the volume of change and the pace of change are accelerating. But it is not just change that is accelerating, choice is proliferating as well. Witness the example of General Mills’ Cheerios. Introduced ...

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Why I Blog about Innovation

I simply enjoy writing blogs or posts around innovation. They enable me to describe much of what I do in my work, or think, or believe in, when it comes to innovation. Firstly for me, my incentive to write and post blogs on innovation I decided when I ...

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Unpacking the Geography of Crowd Capital

From a presentation we found stalking Yannig Roth, who's becoming a go-to voice on crowdsourcing, from the Open & User Innovation Conference, at Harvard Business School, with two fellow crowdsourcing researchers from Canada (Prashant Shukla & John Pr ...

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Sheila Babnis on Co-Creating with Employees and Patients in Drug Trials

Sheila Babnis, head of strategic innovation for product development at Roche, shared, at the Front End Innovation conference earlier this year, new ways that her company is working in innovation in drug development; and how empathy and patient-centricity are ...

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Innovation Through Preparation

Innovation Through PreparationInnovation is about new; innovation is about different; innovation is about “never been done before”; and innovation is about preparation. Though preparation seems to contradict the free-thinking nature of innovation, it doesn’t. In fact, where brai ...

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How to Scale Innovation

At batterii, we are privileged to partner with amazing companies of all sizes across industries who have a passion for and relentless focus on using human centered design to change the way their organizations innovate in the everyday. While every company cu ...

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