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Why Big Organizations Are Broken

Today, according to Gallup, we’ve lost our faith in large institutions, including government, religious organizations and labor unions (though we never had much faith in big business). Many attribute this trend to high profile scandals and the financial crisis, but the reality is that the decline is longstanding. In truth, large organizations are fundamentally broken.

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Innovation and Organizational Culture

Recently, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has published key findings of their latest "Most Innovative Companies 2014" survey. Beside the annual ranking, headed by the top three companies Apple, Google and Samsung, some insightful outcomes with regard to or ...

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Paving a Brain Health Roadmap with Futurist Max Lugavere

“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.” ~Robert C. Peale We recently wrote a post on how making slight changes to what we eat daily can limit the likelihood of brain deterioration later in life and improve cognition. That is ...

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Reverse Innovation: Win in Emerging Markets with a Design-to-Value Approach

When expanding to developing countries, most global companies initially target upper-class populations with products that were developed for the western world. To attract the mass markets in these new economies, the strategy is often limited to diluting exis ...

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Innovation Quickie: Serendipity

"I love going to Starbucks because I get to see so many different people. People are working, but also everyone's having relaxed conversations." — Hayley Ross, Butler University student Hayley Ross is an opinion columnist for The Collegian, Butler Univer ...

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Are you Thinking Collective Agility?

During my Big Data and Cloud research, I recently found a good academic papaer called “Collective Agility, Paradox and Organisational Improvisation” by Yingqin Zheng, Will Venters and Tony Cornford. I discovered it on the London School of Economics site, ...

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Clarity is King

clarity is kingIt all starts and ends with clarity. There’s not much to it, really. You strip away all the talk and get right to the work you’re actually doing. Not the work you should do, want to do, or could do. The only thing that matters is the work you are doin ...

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