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Changing the World - Step One

Do you want to change the world? Even just one tiny corner of your own world? Change often feels overwhelming, scary even, and frequently we don't know where to begin. So, if we're hoping to change the world, our world, whether that is with a big W or a little one, where should we begin?

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Here’s What Killed The British Technology Industry

The award winning movie, The Imitation Game, based on Andrew Hodges' definitive biography of Alan Turing, won rave reviews for its portrayal of a rare genius.  Turing not only invented modern computing, but helped win World War II by breaking the Germa ...

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Three Critical Ingredients for Innovation

Our firm, the Southern Growth Studio, helps many companies with innovation. We help with projects labeled as innovation and we also consult on how companies set up the processes, framework, and governance for successful innovation. Based on our experience ...

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4 Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Era of Black Swans

4 Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Era of Black Swans"History does not crawl. It jumps." ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb About eight years ago, I had a profound professional awakening. In a moment of clarity, I realized that the world was changing far more rapidly than I had ever imagined. I recognized that the ...

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The Language of Innovation with Doug Williams

The Innovation Engine is a podcast series that discusses innovation through the lenses of corporate leadership, company culture, and emerging trends and technologies. The podcast features features weekly interviews with best-selling authors, C-Level executiv ...

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Business Model Innovation

tandemmagazine.net A rising topic According to Google Books Ngram Viewer (charting frequencies of a specific sentence using yearly count of n-grams in books), business model innovation topic is rising up since 2000. It corroborates the fact that the reference tool ...

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Monarchs and Viceroys – An Innovation Lesson from Nature

The concept of mimicry is not a foreign one — we see this in nature all the time. Take for example the monarch and viceroy butterflies. The monarch butterfly is in fact quite toxic due to the milkweed plant they eat as caterpillars. Over time, predators ha ...

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