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Innovation, the Pilgrim's Way

When most Americans think of Pilgrims, they think of Plymouth Rock, the founding of the colony that became America. They came in a search of religious freedom. But the word has an older and deeper meaning, illuminated beautifully here by Sister Rose Pacette, Director at Pauline Center for Media Studies.

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Innovation and Disruptive Necessity

Is the world getting smaller, or are we seeing further? Today we stand on the shoulders of giants in a rapidly changing world. In order to gain the competitive edge needed to stay relevant, it is imperative that businesses seek to disrupt their own business ...

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Innovation Choices

Innovation ChoicesMost of us live in a consumer driven economy. That is, we have a number of alternatives or choices for any need. At the grocery store, for example, we can choose among a number of brands of ketchup, cheese, cereal and other staples. We can choose across di ...

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Open Innovation, Teams and Tea Parties

Open Innovation, Teams and Tea PartiesI have two wonderful daughters.  The oldest one is 7 years old, and in many ways, she is the most prolific, efficient and successful users of open innovation that I know, and I think that there is a lot that can be learned from how she does this. Almost ...

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Reinventing America: Lessons from the Forbes Innovation Summit

“Why Indiana? Why not?” Steve Forbes asked the audience in kicking off the recent Reinventing America: The Innovation Summit. Forbes’ event in Indianapolis was part of the organization’s new Reinventing America Series to help shine a spotlight on ...

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Starting starts with starting.

Starting starts with starting.If you haven’t done it before and you want to start, you have only one option – to start. Much as there’s a huge difference between lightning and lightning bug, there’s a world of difference between starting and talking about starting. Where talki ...

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The Hangar, the Coat Hanger, and the 2-Sided Solution

Starting starts with starting.placeholder article imageInno ...

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