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Event Recap: Chief Innovation Officer Summit, NYC

This past week, Signals participated in the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC, an event that brought together innovation leaders and experts from organizations from NASA, Kraft, Southwest Airlines, the Philadelphia 76ers and many others in between. Below are some key takeaways of notes...

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Reigniting Creativity and Innovation

Reigniting Creativity and Innovation“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent Van Gogh Here's an interesting question. Why is it that, while artistic tools have become so advanced and provide ar ...

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How To Innovate Your Business Model In 5 (Not So Easy) Steps

In the 1950’s, Haloid Corporation thought it had a winning product.  Through some clever engineering, it had created new technology that was leaps and bound better than anything that had come before it.  The only problem was that nobody wanted to buy i ...

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Between the Gates, Vol. 4: Beta Test Basics

Between the Gates, Vol. 4: Beta Test BasicsWhat value can beta testing provide in a company’s new product development process? How should test programs be designed and managed to maximize strategic business value? How far along should a beta product be before being sent to customers? Most would ...

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Don’t Let the Enemy on the Inside Dictate How You Appear on the Outside

Don't Let the Enemy on the Inside Dictate How You Appear on the OutsideWritten by Shawn Parr I have the privilege of working with a diverse range of leadership teams at both multibillion dollar corporations and passionate, early-stage startups. As a strategic guide I work closely with senior executives around brand, innovati ...

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Finding a Better Word for Innovation

Finding a Better Word for InnovationRemember when the word “paradigm” was killed in the dot-com era? How about “synergy” “edgy” or the prefix “e-” – these expressions all died from the same disease: overuse. Now, the word “innovation” has been uttered so many times tha ...

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Wechat Innovation and Expansion Strategy, a Chinese model?

What is the common point between Mao Zedong, Huawei and WeChat?  Their expansion strategy. Mao Zedong against Guo Mindang After the “Long march”, the red army led by Mao Zedong settled in Yan’an and led an intense effort in order to gain territori ...

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