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Does Innovation Research Need Radical Innovation Itself?

A lot of innovation research is still based on asking people what they think, often in highly unrealistic research environments. Asking the wrong questions, or maybe the act of asking questions itself, risks throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and killing the really big ideas off before they have a chance.

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If You Want To Disturb The Status Quo…

If You Want To Disturb The Status Quo……you might want to talk to Ken Tencer. A few years ago, I read and reviewed a book entitled The 90% Rule: What's Your Next Big Opportunity? by co-authors and business partners Ken Tencer and John Paulo Cardoso of the branding and innovation firm Spyder ...

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Online Tools that Help Students Gamify Getting into College

When a student graduates from high school, the stress levels go sky-high. The student, their parents, tutors, college admission counselors, teachers… everyone is focused on that big envelope that’s about to arrive. Unfortunately, colleges receive ap ...

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The Danger of Deadlines for Innovators

We all know the value of a good deadline. It helps us get focused, motivated, and sharpens our thinking, right? Not so fast. Current brain research suggests that, in most cases, deadlines do the exact opposite – creating stress and tension while limi ...

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Planting the Seeds of Innovation in Education

Don Wettrick is on a mission: revolutionizing the world of education by training the next generation of innovators. A reformed teacher (he taught to middle and high school students for 17 years), Don started planting the seeds of innovation at the Fra ...

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7 Important Startups in Educational Technology

Editor's Note:  In honor of the mass cultural ritual called Going Back to School we'll be running a series of pieces profiling new thinking about of innovation in education. Fresh educational technology startups are being promoted by the day, but not all ...

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Never Been A Better Time To Start A Company

Last week I was visiting  with a friend who opened an antique jewelry store.  The original and handmade  items are exquisite and the store built out of an old railway car is charming. Here is her facebook page. The business is in a small town, but I spent ...

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