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Crossing the Innovation Chasm – Geek Squad Founder Robert Stephens' Leap from Startup to Fortune 50 Retailer Best Buy

Best Buy acquired the then startup Geek Squad which had been founded by entrepreneur Robert Stephens in 1994. During a recent interview Robert shared his story of entrepreneurship, risk taking, acquisition strategies, his pick for Most Visionary CEO, and an expensive 99 cent burrito.

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Billiard Ball and Boxcar Innovation

What's In a Workshop? When one participates in or leads an innovation session, one’s focus tends to be on the output of the session. This output usually takes the form of a list of innovation ideas, themes, or projects with numerous follow-up tasks and ...

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Book Preview: Crowdsourced Innovation – Quo Vadis?

The following text is an excerpt chapter from innosabis upcoming book "Crowdsourced Innovation - Revolutionizing Open Innovation with Crowdsourcing", which will be published by the end of November. Companies are no longer limited to advertisement and mark ...

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25 Practices That Foster Lifelong Learning

25 Practices That Foster Lifelong Learning“I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures… I divide the world into learners and nonlearners.” –Benjamin Barber, sociologist Is your capacity for learning is fixed or fluid? Can you improve your int ...

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What Large Companies Want (from Small Ones)

What Large Companies Want (from Small Ones)In the film, “What Women Want”, Mel Gibson’s character has the ability to read women’s minds and understand what they’re thinking.  In the real world, we often need to second-guess what our existing or potential partners want. This is the case for ...

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NASA – Spinning Off Since 1962

NASAThis infographic shows the amount of money the U.S. Government spends on NASA and how NASA utilizes this money to enhance the economy. Source: GreatBusinessSchools.org In 1962, NASA established the Technology Utilization Plan (TUP) which makes NASA te ...

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How Ad Agencies Can Avoid A Death Spiral

Leo Burnett’s fledgling firm got off to an inauspicious start when it opened in 1935.  With one client account, a staff of eight and a bowl of apples in reception, cynics said that he would soon be selling those apples on the street. Yet, even in the m ...

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