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The Innovation Quotient: Don’t just hook-up, connect!

Quite different from hooking up, as we connect and collaborate, give and take, we are evolving, emerging stronger and more capable… we’ll be reminded that people are not only a precious commodity, they are a renewable resource.

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10x: The Inspiration Factor of the Hult Prize

10X: The Inspiration Factor of the Hult Prize - Innovation Excellence The winning IMPCT team poses with former President Bill Clinton and (at far right) Philip Hult, co-chairman, EF Education First. The team members (from left) are Andres Escobar, Juan Diego Prudot, Taylor Scobbie and An-Nung Chen Ready to get ...

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Flaws in the Crawl Walk Run Methodology

The Flawed Crawl Walk Run Methodology Many of you may have heard of the Crawl Walk Run project methodology. For those of you that haven't the idea is that if a project team is trying to achieve something big, that sometimes you have to evolve your approach in stages rather than trying to mak ...

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Top 20 Innovation Articles of September 2015

Top 20 Innovation Articles of June 2015Drum roll please... At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence. We also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our FREE email newsletter. Did your favorite ma ...

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Is Disruption is Good or Bad? Please Stop Arguing!

Is Disruption is Good or Bad? Why We Need to Stop Arguing! - innovation excellenceThe idea of disruption excites some people and terrifies others.  Consider the recent case of The New Republic, in which a new, disruptive CEO came in and vowed to “break shit.”  The company’s top journalists balked, the brand was sullied and the b ...

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From Startup to Maturity: how to un-kill creativity

From Startup to Maturity: how to unkill creativity - innovation excellenceIn 1998 Teresa Amabile published the article How to kill Creativity at the Harvard Business Review. Believe it or not--it was an inspiring article for me. It inspired me not to find more way to kill creativity, but rather to understand how can established co ...

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Deliberate Provocation Can Get Your Message Across

We live in a society where people are quick to take offense so we are encouraged to be polite and correct. But sometimes the best way to gain attention for your creative idea is to be outrageously provocative. The Reverend Jonathan Swift was an eminent Iris ...

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