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Social Roadmap Merges Technology, Grief, and Jobs to be Done

In classic disruptive innovation theory a disruptive product or service addresses a market that isn't being served and offers a simpler, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to the existing product. Irwin Kula shows us an emerging road map where age-old grief meets technology and jobs to be done.

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Will Science Change Your Business, Customers, or World?

To stay innovative, it helps to stay curious about the trends in science and what may be on the horizon. This post looks at breakthroughs in Nuclear Fusion energy, Graphene's amazing new conductivity and programmes to grow biofuels in the desert. Laser-spa ...

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Top Strategic Goals of PLM and Why “Going Live” Isn’t One of Them

The potential value of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is huge, and continues to grow as the scope of PLM expands. To maximize value, it’s important to have well-defined goals that are tied to your business strategy before you flip the switch. Why do ...

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The Division Technique: Cutting Innovation Down to Size

The Division Technique: Cutting Innovation Down to SizeYou can frequently make groundbreaking innovations simply by dividing a product into “chunks” to create many smaller versions of it. These smaller versions still function like the original product, but their reduced size delivers benefits that users woul ...

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A Singular Pillar of Productivity

A Singular Pillar of ProductivityProductivity generates profit. No argument. But it has two sides – it can be achieved through maximization by increasing output with constant resources (machines and people) or through minimization with constant output and decreasing machines and people. A ...

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Why Innovation Fails…

Our problem-solving abilities are now commoditized or digitized I have a firm belief that to stay relevant and be successful in this ever-changing, ultra-competitive, whacky world, we actually need to upgrade the way we think on a permanent basis. To think ...

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Modelo Innova-Business

Toda organización necesita fortalecer la “creatividad y la innovación” como parte de un proceso de renovación “estándar” de todas las áreas de la misma. Para lo cual sus colaboradores deben estar dispuestos a explorar nuevas formas de pensar, de ...

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