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Do you need?

  • A more rapid and effective front end of innovation?
  • Do you need to undestand the cultural dynamics that either limit or enhance your changes for breatkthrough innovation?
  • Hands–on help with innovation initatives? Facilitation? Project Management?
  • To accelerate innovation by educating your team on creative and innovative process?
  • To learn how to leverage new trends and market insights into breakthrough product offerings?
  • An upbeat, cutting-edge speaker to enlighten and inspire?

Greg Fraley is a resource you should consider.

Who’s Gregg Fraley?

Gregg Fraley is an expert innovation practitioner, author, and speaker. He’s a founding partner of Kiln Ideas, Ltd a London based firm that is re-inventing innovation services. Gregg inspires people to use their creativity to innovate. Those who hire Gregg as a speaker comment on his “excellent balance of wit and knowledge.” His clients mention his flexible facilitation skills and results orientation. One client remarked simply -- “he’s a walking think tank.”

Dynamic and engaging, Gregg brings a wealth of experience to dealing with the challenges of innovation, gained from founding high-flying technology companies (Advanced Health/Med-E-Systems), working as a television producer (on Warner Cable’s QUBE) and helping many Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups, invent new products and services. He’s an Emmy award winner, and Gregg is the author of the noted business fable Jack’s Notebook, which is used by business schools including: Berkeley, St John’s and Cambridge in the UK. Jack’s Notebook is a primer on structured creativity and innovation process. Gregg is also a former stand-up comic and improviser – he entertains as well as informs.

Gregg has spoken at conferences and meetings around the world, including ESOMAR, TEDxNASA, and the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI).

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Speaker at USA's TEDxNASA, NASA’S first TEDX conference. 2010

Gregg’s keynote speech at Catalyst Ranch, Chicago, March 2008

Most popular topic titles:

The Creative Choice – this is Gregg Fraley’s inspirational signature speech about the nature of creativity. It provides straightforward actions steps anyone can take to be more creatively effective, in business and in life. Creativity is not a “muse” -- it’s a choice. In the talk, creativity is re-defined as problem solving and steers people away from disempowering creativity beliefs, such as thinking you need to be artistic to be creative. Audiences learn creative thinking fundamentals: deferral of judgment, quantity of ideas, how to do better personal brainstorming, creating with combinations, and idea tracking. This talk is a stimulating and fun “mind opener” and an ideal keynote for meeting openings, or where there is a desire for fresh thinking, tools for innovation, or simply to have people “thinking differently,” and solving complex problems.

Holistic Innovation – It’s not one thing, it’s everything. Mastering Innovation is essential to organizational survival. There is no shortage of methods and silver bullets, and yet, many organizations fail to consistently innovate. Gregg Fraley, a seasoned innovator, provides a big picture view of Innovation that provides insights and ideas on how to improve. Holistic Innovation is a new framework that looks at the complex interactions between People, Products, Process, and organizational Culture. Benefits of the talk include: strategy insights, new operational tools and techniques, and a new awareness of how the different pieces work together. This talk is built around real world examples from several industries, including hard won successes and hard lesson failures. It’s fast-paced, fun, relevant, and delivered with passion and humor.

Flywheel, Planning for Growth Through Innovation. Does your organization have an innovation plan? This keynote is a response to the low incidence of innovation planning. Innovation is often a reaction to an emergency or a crisis, instead of a proactive and continuous effort. Covered in this keynote: why a plan is essential, the link to corporate strategy, the role of research, front-end “cycle” timing, new product schedules, creating the innovation message for the company, and action steps to take. Flywheel is spiced with humor and real world examples to stimulate thinking. Audience members take away a powerful tool for planning, and ultimately innovation success. This talk is targeted to innovation team leaders or high-level executives.

Creating a Cultural Radar. What’s beyond your walls is where innovation opportunity exists. As companies grow they tend to become insular and as a result miss opportunities that open up as a result of cultural changes. Real world examples from Levi Strauss, Motorola, Apple, Intuit, and other companies show the upside and downsides of cultural knowledge. A “culture radar” is strategic and it tracks trends in various industries and geographic regions. Innovation is often a “mash-up” of a current business challenge with concepts borrowed from trends, or ideas borrowed from other industries or areas. In this talk Gregg Fraley provides specific solutions to the need for cultural awareness, and lots of ideas on how to profit from that knowledge. It’s a fun, fast paced talk with current business insights.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • Creativity in Business Conference - 2011 - Featured keynoter, "Holistic Innovation", Washington, DC, October 2011
  • Oklahoma Creativity Forum - Featured keynoter at second annual OK Creativity conference, Norman, OK, November 2011 and November 2012
  • TEDxNASA - Featured speaker at USA's NASA, their first TED conference. 18 minute talk, "Creativity for Innovation", Virginia, 2010
  • Market Research Society (MRS) – client side and providers of consumer research, Keynoter at Annual Conference, London, March 2008
  • ESOMAR, Qualitative research conference, opening keynote, “Braver Questions, Better Answers, Breakthrough Innovation” 2012
  • Finnovation 2008 – Featured speaker, Senior level bank managers, scheduled for November 20,21 in Amsterdam, 2008.
  • European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) – VP or Chief Innovation officers (CIO’s) and owners of market research organizations, Copenhagen, June 2008
  • FUSE Design and Culture Conference – several levels of management from middle management on up, New York City, April, 2008
  • Intl. Direct Marketing Fair, all levels in marketing, London, April 2008
  • American Association of Design Professionals (APDF) – all business owners, New Orleans, May 2008
  • American Creativity Association (ACA) – innovation consultants & high level management, Singapore, February 2008
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) – mostly consumer product goods researchers, Chicago, 2006, 2007
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) – diverse audience including brand managers, academics, R&D managers, consultants, others, Atlanta, 1996-2009
  • European Creativity Association (CREA) – diverse audience, Sestri Levanti, Italy, April 2002-2007

In praise of Gregg:

“Gregg Fraley rocked the house when he presented at Capitol Creativity Network. His session was filled with intelligent content; dynamic, lively experiences; and a useful, relevant process and set of tools participants could use beyond the work-shop setting. He completely engaged participants, and we received nothing but very positive feedback. Gregg is a seasoned practitioner who clearly has an in depth knowledge and understanding or applied creative process- and, more significantly, knows how to facilitate that for others, I highly recommend him!”

- Michelle James, Founder, Capitol Creativity Network

“Gregg is a powerful and sensitive creativity facilitator, trainer, writer and speaker. I have seen him in action many times, on several continents and he always inspires me and others. He is a leading figure internationally, combining experience, enthusiasm and talents imported from entrepreneurial adventures and improvisational theatre. Gregg has been expanding his knowledge of cultures beyond the USA for several years. Work with him – you will have great results and good fun too!”

- Olwen Wolfe, CEO, Worlding

“Having taught public speaking and trained all those teaching the course at the University of Connecticut for 13 years, believe me, I am quite a critic. And you, Gregg Fraley, are the best professional speaker I’ve heard in forever. The graphics, the mic use, the mastery of the body, the content, the delivery…BRAVO!”

- Susan Fridy of Susan Fridy Associates & Univ. of Connecticut

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