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About me
Since childhood, Mr. Reyland has successfully traversed the
turbulent waters of entrepreneurship, inventing, product development several times.

He began his professional career and several creative ventures while serving in the United States
Air Force and then with the National Security Agency (NSA) as an Intelligence Analyst, A classified
technology Inventor, and Executive in charge of technology innovation programs.
Mr. Reyland’s long list of accomplishments include: Director of
Classified Technology Development for a fortune 500 company, National Security Agency liaison to
the Korean government and the US Air Force Special Programs Office, and a successful manufacturing
technology and product inventor with many products in the marketplace for both industry and
consumer product retail.

Founding nine companies since high school, Mr. Reyland is currently the Founder and CEO of Obvious
Ideas LLC, a private product development company specializing in providing fully developed products
to traditional retail and the direct response industry.

Additionally, Mr. Reyland serves the inventor community as Executive Director and Executive
Committee Member of The United Inventors Association of America. In addition to being the
country’s oldest and largest non-profit inventor organization, the UIA is a team of well respected
professional inventors, executives, and product suppliers providing education and guidance to its
members through the many inventor outreach programs under Mr. Reyland’s leadership.

Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Debra, Mr. Reyland has four grown children and two
beautiful grandchildren. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and The National
Cryptologic University in Washington D.C.

Mr. Reyland’s technology inventions and retail products have been widely published in magazines and
trade journals around the world. You can often hear him as a guest lecturer at universities, media
programs, and inventor forums, or read his daily Inventor blog,, where he posts valuable educational
information for new inventors.

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