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Want Foresight from Insight? Part 2: An Interview with Gongos’ Greg Heist

It’s no longer solely about asking primary research questions. In part 2 of the interview series Greg Heist of Gongos, Inc. talks about exploration across silos, disruption and decisions, and decision science as an inspiration for innovation.

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Website Under Construction

To our cherished readers: We apologize for any technical difficulties you might have encountered while visiting our website over the past couple of days. We are currently working on fixing the issues, and hope to provide a better experience. — Innova ...

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Clayton Christensen Is Wrong— This Is The Real Capitalist’s Dilemma

Last year, the Clayton Christensen, one of the world's top management thinkers, suggested that, despite being awash in cash, corporations are “failing to invest in innovations that might foster growth.” He considers this trend so insidious and pervasive ...

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Innovation Judo – Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort

One of the core principles of Judo is seiryoku zen'yō , or maximum efficiency, minimum effort  One way that this plays out is an acceptance that directly resisting a more powerful opponent will typically result in defeat, but evading their attack, and redi ...

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Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen

Join the innovation excellence communityMaking Breakthrough Innovation Happen - In conversation with Porus Munshi (Audio) In  a free wheeling conversation, we host Porus Munshi, author of the best selling book “Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen”. Why is he on the show I have worked ...

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Measuring Innovation with Money

Innovation is such a heady, ill-defined concept. Innovation is one of those words – like strategy or creativity – that means either nothing or something different to anyone who hears it. But when handled correctly, genuine innovations are the lifeblood o ...

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How To Outsmart The Crowd

Most of us live busy lives.  There is work, family, maybe a hobby or two and the need for some leisure time to refresh our batteries.  So the amount of things we devote serious thought to is necessarily small and we get in the habit of not paying attention ...

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