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The 6 Ways Big Companies are Innovating Against Silicon Valley

Unicorns Vs. Titans of Industry: How Fortune 500 approach technology innovation: An Indicative Research Report by Indicative’s Matt Levin. Continue reading

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Shifting to Ultimate Outcomes - innovation excellence

We need to all get paid or rewarded far more on the value of the result from successful ultimate outcomes, judged by focusing only on the successful result of delivering to that real customer need. Continue reading

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Digital Tonto

The past few years have been especially good for books. It seemed like every time you turned around, some great CEO or brilliant scientist was publishing a memoir. Or somebody else you’d never heard of just comes out with something incredibly insightful and interesting that you just had to read. It was hard to keep up! Continue reading

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Silicon Valley’s Innovatioship recently three days leading an open-invitation workshop in design thinking. It attracted a wide range of participants from Lima and other parts of Peru, from local CEOs wanting inspiration to students looking to increase their innovation skills. Continue reading

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The Age of Innovation

While as impactful as the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Age were, they will pale in comparison to what lays just over the horizon. Innovation will be the key to success in this era of rapid technological advancement and adoption. Continue reading

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Techweek New York: Celebrating entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere

Innovation Excellence catches up with Katy Lynch, Techweek’s new CEO on the eve of Techweek-New York. Continue reading

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Technology disrupts markets. I agree with that. However, when I need to decide whether to focus on a market (like Christensen does) or focus on the technology, I will focus on the technology every day of the week, and twice on Tuesday. Continue reading

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