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TV Feature Innovation Reaches the Limit

The major flat screen television manufacturers are scared that people are not going to buy their new sets because they don’t have a reason to upgrade. And they’re right. Find out why. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property: The Winning Mario Kart Strategy

Patent searching, filing and policing is rapidly becoming a drag on organizations’ resources and agility. The likes of Apple and Samsung only manage to neutralize each other in epic but ultimately no-value-adding battles.. Continue reading

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Why Apple Investors Are Deservedly Worry

Apple announced the new iPhones recently. And mostly, nobody cared. Remember when users waited anxiously for new products from Apple? Continue reading

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Google Glass & Wearable Innovation

PatrickTV reports on Google Glass, other breaking wearable innovation, and innovation opportunity! Watch the latest PatrickTV video here… Continue reading

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Réussir l’innovation reste un défi pour les grandes entreprises (1/4)

Réussir l’innovation reste un défi pour les entreprises parce qu’elles ont recours à des méthodes d’innovation qui sont défaillantes Continue reading

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Innovation to Change the World

Introduction to “Gamechangers”, the next book by Peter Fisk exploring how to innovate to “change the game”. First presented at Time Warner Executive Summit, Hong Kong, June 2013. Continue reading

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How Samsung Changed the Game on Apple

Following very successful launches of the iPod (which transformed music from CDs to MP3) and iPhone (which turned everyone into smartphone users,) the iPad’s transformation of personal technology made Apple look like an impenetrable juggernaut – practically untouchable by any competitor! But things look very different now. Continue reading

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