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“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” – William Pollard Continue reading

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3 Keys to the Future of Digital Business

An underlying trend is the rise of informational content in the products and services that make up our economy and, increasingly, that information is managed by machines rather than humans. That is the essence of digital business and it’s changing everything we thought we knew about creating value. Here are 3 keys to understanding the new era. Continue reading

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Innovation is ultimately about Return on Investment. A system of metrics will objectively show your progress and success each step of the way. It’s essential to follow a course of action that produces ongoing improvement, and sustainable and repeatable innovation. Innovation is meaningless without attaching measurable goals to an initiative. Continue reading

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The Temptation of Shiny New Objects

A panel of experts from industry, academia, and social media tackled the issue of Shiny New Object Syndrome at the Futures of Entertainment 6 conference at MIT in early November. Find out the three key takeaways to address when confronted with the temptation of shiny new objects, and learn why a conference doesn’t have to have the word “innovation” in the title to be very much about innovation. Continue reading

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The Post-ROI Marketing World

The ROI movement sought to more closely align tactics with business goals. It has been largely successful. So successful, in fact, that most of the important problems have largely been solved. What remains involves computational resources and integration… we are now entering a post-ROI world of innovation, open brands and co-creation. Continue reading

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Innovator Lifetime Value

As I was speaking with several of the innovation leaders at Intuit on their campus in Mountain View recently, it came to me that organizations should be seeking to build and strengthen relationships with their customers, suppliers, and other potential innovation partners in ways similar to their approach to traditional relationship marketing. Continue reading

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2012 Innovation Resolutions

For many October is the peak month for bringing together their strategic and operating plans for 2012. Meetings get frantic, issues get raised, and plans get drawn up, rejected and redrawn. The period becomes a fever pitch. Where does innovation figure within this? Continue reading

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