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The Seven Habits of Effective Intrapreneurs (intro)

As an inventor I have witnessed a fairly distinctive pattern of intrapreneurship within my own multi-national corporation (EMC). The employees that are the most successful at advancing their ideas through the corporate maze tend to operate using a fairly well-defined rhythm. The chart below breaks down this rhythm into a set of discrete steps that can be learned and practiced by creative employees world-wide.

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More Management Equals Less Output

How can firms manage with so many bosses? Societies have never been good at moving from one big tech-induced change to another. The industrial revolution wrought havoc on populations. Production lines were thought to dehumanise people, and modern agriculture is still vilified, instead of being celebrated. And people now worry that technology will drive us towards some singularity where people are no longer required.

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Work Less & Get More Done This Summer

Three Simple Productivity Tips by Matt Heinz Summer officially starts soon. Want to get more done but take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather? Here are three things to start immediately after the holiday weekend: Take Tuesday and Thursday evenings off. Leave the office as close to 5:00 as possible, and turn everything off until the next morning. ...

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