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Discomfort Is The Key To Innovation

For years now we’ve been told that innovation is strange and unusual, but promises great possibilities and potential returns. In some cases and places, we’ve been successful, but there’s something to be learned in the lasting resistance to innovation on the whole. Continue reading

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Insights Differentiate, Not Data

Big Data is receiving a lot of attention and investment at the moment, with the combination of technology and analytics generating enormous possibility. As Greg Satell rightly points out, businesses that neglect Big Data will be left behind.. Continue reading

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Matching Innovation Possibilities with Needs

Corporate innovation has traditionally been driven from the technology side; from departments like R&D and engineering. It’s an approach that can be very successful. Indeed, it has often led to great breakthroughs. But if a company wants to win in today’s value-based economy, this is no longer the best way of doing things. Continue reading

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Breaking With The Past

For most companies, there comes a moment when the only way to continue growing is, paradoxically, to divest things – to get rid of traditional parts of the business where growth has stagnated and to get into new, more innovative businesses that have the potential to grow faster. In practice, this rarely happens. When most managers are put in charge of an existing business, they… Continue reading

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WANTED! Innovation CEO

“I have come to realize how much time is wasted teaching managers about the practical skills of innovation,” notes veteran new products maven Thomas Kuczmarski in a recent blog. “It is the chief executive officer that needs the lesson.”
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What will happen to Innovation at P&G ?

Are consumer goods companies so saturated with products they are finding it hard to be truly inventive or bring new relevance to customers? Continue reading

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Making the Change to Proudly Found Elsewhere

I had the opportunity to interview Chris Thoen back when he was the Director of Innovation & Knowledge Management at P&G about the challenges of shifting an organization as big as P&G from closed innovation to open innovation, and the P&G Connect + Develop program. Dr. Thoen was a twenty year P&G veteran who started his career as a research scientist in the Fabric & Home Care division and now heads up the Global Open Innovation Office, also known as Connect + Develop. Continue reading

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