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Nature’s innovation strategies have been optimized over billions of years. She has developed a number of distinct approaches to innovation, and these strategies are strongly influenced by the speed and cost of prototyping, and how fast the surrounding environment changes. Can we learn from this, and make our own innovation strategies more targeted and responsive? Continue reading

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Innovation Psychology: Five Personality Traits of Innovators

Understanding our own personalities, and those of our collaborators can be a powerful productivity tool for innovation. In this blog, I’ll discuss some preferred personality assessment tools from psychology, and how they can help us to create more productive innovation teams, and become more effective individuals. Continue reading

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I want to focus on a personal passion, innovating at the interface between art and science. Continue reading

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Midnight Lunch - Dishing on Collaboration

One of the biggest stall points I see in organizations today lies in the lack of true collaboration in innovation teams. Continue reading

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What is the best way to organize a company’s resources for radical innovation? One thing is clear: it requires a distinctly different approach – as well as different organizational structures – compared to incremental innovation. Continue reading

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Discomfort Is The Key To Innovation

For years now we’ve been told that innovation is strange and unusual, but promises great possibilities and potential returns. In some cases and places, we’ve been successful, but there’s something to be learned in the lasting resistance to innovation on the whole. Continue reading

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Insights Differentiate, Not Data

Big Data is receiving a lot of attention and investment at the moment, with the combination of technology and analytics generating enormous possibility. As Greg Satell rightly points out, businesses that neglect Big Data will be left behind.. Continue reading

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