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Finding the Best Ideas

Three big reasons why establishing an innovative community within your organisation will help you find the best ideas. Continue reading

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Why Failure Is Important for Big Innovation

Expectations are a big issue in this scenario of innovation. If senior leaders at Google expect a high output from Google X they would be sadly disappointed. But they explicitly reward failure. Continue reading

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Managing Innovation Portfolios - Strategic Portfolio Management

This is part one of a two-parts article co-written by Ralph Ohr and Kevin McFarthing on strategically-aligned initiatives: IPM, SPM and OPM. Continue reading

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What Anala Beevers Teaches Us About Ideas

Anala Beevers, a four year old genius that has been invited to join MENSA, teaches us that we should abandon assumptions about the quality of ideas based on hierarchies and power structures and instead look at the knowledge and quality they bring. Continue reading

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Opinion Polls Can

Governments have long been using opinion polls to gather or find feedback, but is this truly effective? Continue reading

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Five Strategies for Managing Risk in Your Business

Research shows that American businesses are becoming more risk averse. Here are five strategies for managing risk in today’s hyper-paced markets. Continue reading

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The Buzzword Problem

Every business, government body and non-profit organisation establishes a special vocabulary of jargon, special terminology and their own way of using particular words. The worst of these are buzzwords. These are words that are so overused, they become almost meaningless. Nevertheless, they become an integral part of the organisation. Continue reading

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