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From a presentation we found stalking Yannig Roth, from the Open & User Innovation Conference, at Harvard Business School, with two fellow crowdsourcing researchers from Canada (Prashant Shukla & John Prpic). The talk, titled “Is the World Flat? Unpacking the Geography of Crowd Capital,” presented early results of a research about crowdsourcing participation across the globe Continue reading

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Leveraging startups and new ventures for innovation is becoming increasingly important for established firms. Examples and key points from Ralph-Christian Ohr… Continue reading

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Some of these events are well-known on the innovation circuit. Several of them may be unexpected. All of them will leave you inspired and prepared to continue down a path of successful innovation. Continue reading

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Capitol Hill

Lobbying via crowdsourcing? Giving voice to the voiceless? Open innovation shows us the innovative power of those who don’t have the loudest voice, so by giving certain poorly represented groups a voice, maybe a seemingly counterintuitive idea might just benefit all of us. Continue reading

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What is a key attribute for innovative entrepreneurial success?

Developing a strong sense of self efficacy is mandatory to entrepreneurial success, it’s all about managing our reactive responses and sustaining our self efficacy during the disruptive peaks and troughs of the start-up cycle! Continue reading

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Guillaume_Cabrere Frenchyentrepreneur

Digital might be a cliff for AXA, or an opportunity to reinvent itself. Guillaume Cabrere, AXA Lab Director, gently guides us through AXA initiatives to make innovation percolate from the outside to the inside. Continue reading

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 Faster Further Higher - Open Innovation in Sports

With NFL mania and Super Bowl Sunday upon us, it’s a perfect time to spotlight the role of open innovation is the world of sports. Continue reading

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