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Expose yourself to new perspectives you’ve not considered before at the Day of Innovation Conference in Indianapolis on August 28… Continue reading

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Northern Lights in Oulu, Finland

While, some communities have not even launched their first government crowdsourcing initiative, the Finnish government and its citizens have a lot to teach us. They’ve been at the forefront of digital citizen engagement and it’s helping them out a great deal: in improving their policies, in learning more about the public, and in changing public sentiment about the government. Continue reading

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Opening up your innovation initiatives to outsiders is seen as more effective than relying solely on your internal R&D or marketing departments. However, because this approach is so new there is a dearth of guidance on how to measure the success of open innovation activities. Continue reading

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Products and services that we use are developing in two, seemingly opposite directions: more personalized, and at global scale. These two movements – towards the global and unified- will increase competition, and can lead to a limited number of ”winner-take-all” giants. Continue reading

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Massive Platforms for Co-creation: the new normal? (1/2)

Platforms and processes, rather than products, will become the focus of new business creation as we move forward. These models can deliver more value for less, by involving a number of stakeholders, including the users, in co-creating solutions. Continue reading

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Open innovation or crowdsourcing isn’t a new practice despite its current buzzword status. It’s actually been around for a long time, helping everyday citizens use their talents to serve the needs of others. Here are a few notable examples from our history. Continue reading

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Lomig Unger is an expert in collaborative innovation framework, with a 15 years experience in innovation, and 11 in the car industry. Deeply involved in Renault Creative People initiative, he draws some lessons from this ideas-sparkling entity. Continue reading

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