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A new study looks at the different ways that industry experts innovate when compared to those from other field. Continue reading

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An exploration of how the challenge-based approach to innovation can fail its participants, and how organizations can do better. Continue reading

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Manuel Kaiser interview Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph about his new book, and how innovative firms generate new ideas and develop successful business models. Continue reading

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as a service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a well known acronym for software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor, and made available to customers over the Internet. Can this concept be applied to innovation? As a matter of fact, we see a growing number of initiatives where innovation endeavor is hosted outside the company. Continue reading

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Shell Gamechanger is serious about substantial ideas. They do not want minor improvements to gas stations. Continue reading

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Life Aid

Welcome to a live Crowdfunding project where you can input your own ideas into the process. Going for an innovative approach, and learning, your thoughts are welcome. Continue reading

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The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers

One key goal for the recent innovation units settled by large companies is to accelerate the speed of innovation. But why do we need to fasten innovation? What principles should an innovation center embody? And how can it be implemented? Continue reading

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