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Like Sbarro, Will You Be the Next Domino to Fall?

Understanding trends is the most important part of planning. Yet, most business planning focuses on internal operations and how to improve them, usually neglecting trends and changes in the external environment that threaten not only sales and profits but the business’ very existence. Continue reading

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The Innovation Out-Performers

Marissa Mayer is doing some interesting things at Yahoo. When it comes to HR practices, she is definitely taking some heat (banning remote work) and this also goes with their latest initiative in which she pushes for a forced ranking of the employees. Continue reading

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Nimble Lessons from #BoycottBarilla Pasta War

Who would have thought that pasta category would become a war zone, but last week we witnessed just that. Last Wednesday, Barilla Chairman Guido Barilla told an Italian radio station that his company would never run an ad featuring a same-sex couple.. Continue reading

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Be Really Glad Bezos Bought The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon worth $25.2B just paid $250 million to become sole owner of The Washington Post. Some think the recent rash of billionaires buying newspapers is simply rich folks buying themselves trophies. Probably true in some instances – and that benefits no one. Continue reading

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Are You Ready for the Digital Revolution?

As the Internet of Everything begins to infiltrate the 80% of business/industry categories that have not been disrupted yet (yes we are still coming after your sector), McKinsey frames a simplified view for CMO’s/CSO’s to grasp the opportunity around harnessing Big Data mining capabilities to better target, engage and retain the next-generation of multi-channel, always-on, cloud-computing consumers. Continue reading

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Innovation for Sequestration

My book came out last month and I have been doing the lecture circuit in Washington DC, talking about what it takes to be successful with new products and services. I have been speaking with high-ranking officials in Treasury, Homeland Security, IRS, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Interior, and many others. What they all want to talk about is the sequester and how to deal with it effectively. Continue reading

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