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An Iridium Moment is a Strategic Blunder that can Kill your Company

Ismail defines an Iridium Moment as using linear tools and trends of the past to wrongly predict an accelerating future. Every company has to make important strategic decisions. We can see with hindsight that some decisions which looked smart at the time turned out to be dumb. Often it was because the wrong assumptions were made. Continue reading

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How this Zebra Changed Its Stripes – Bold Move

Zebra Technologies is a company most people don’t recognize. Yet, I bet every product you buy has the product on which they specialize. Since 1982 Zebra has been the leader in bar code printers and readers. Zebra was a pioneer in the application of bar codes for tracking pallets through warehouses, items used in a manufacturing line, shipment tracking and other uses for manufacturing and supply chain management. Continue reading

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Why SIRI And Not Watson?

Our first impression, of course, is that SIRI is much more suitable as an app. Turns out SIRI continually learns.. And at first glance, Watson seems extremely complex and complicated. We all remember Watson at the famous jeopardy TV game…we were all blown away. Imagine the possibilities that Watson can offer.. Continue reading

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Vision Beats Numbers - How Apple Showed Intel A Better Way to Grow

Can you believe it has been only 12 years since Apple introduced the iPod? Since then Apple’s value has risen from about $11 (January, 2001) to over $500 (today) – an astounding 45X increase. With all that success it is easy to forget that it was not a “gimme” that the iPod would succeed. At that time Sony dominated the personal music world.. Continue reading

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Removing Risk from Bold Aspirations

The conventional wisdom about innovation is that companies should be less risk-averse. If this means they should try to increase their share of courageous employees who are willing to stand up and fight for ideas, then I would agree. Continue reading

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When Innovation Goes Wrong

Ever since innovation became the buzzword du Jour, a lot of people seem to have lost their ability to tell smart ideas from stupid ones. Case in point: the financial “innovations” (read: stunningly stupid loan products) that kicked off the trillion-dollar economic meltdown mess we’re currently in. The simplistic notion that “new equals good” has often been a recipe for grand-scale disaster, just as it was in the dotcom debacle at the turn of the millennium. Continue reading

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Irrelevancy Leads to Failure - Worry for Yahoo, Microsoft, HP, Sears, etc.

The web lit up recently when people started sharing a Fortune quote from Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, “We are literally moving the company from BlackBerrys to smartphones.” Why was this a big deal? Continue reading

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