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The Truth About Millenials and Gen Z

Why Most of What You’ve Been Told About Millennials and Gen Z Is Dead Wrong Buying into a false generational narrative undermines our organizations and our society. Among our greatest enemies, as individuals, as organizations, and as a society are the false biases that justify an attitude of “us and them” –in a word, discrimination. Fortunately it’s one of the ...

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A Boomers Guide to Teaching Millennials

My parents were traditionalists. I’m a boomer. I work with a lot of Gen-Xers. I teach a lot of millennials. We are all trying to understand each other and adapt to how we teach and learn. Some teachers have to deal with helicopter parents more than the kids. Since we are all, mostly, products of our environment and the cyclical ...

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We Need to Stop Bashing the Millennials

As with all stereotyping, using generations to define the behaviors of an entire class of people is mostly a convenient and lazy fiction. The Final Frontier for Diversity The U.S. and most of the world’s developed economies have embraced and celebrate the importance of diversity in national origin, creed, race, and sexual orientation. We clearly have room for improvement, but ...

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