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Imagination as the most pertinent dimension of creativity for innovation/foresight practitioners, argues commercial storyteller Kate Hammer. She sees “story” as a form of cognition for both foresight and innovation. In this piece, Hammer defines a practical set of activities for “doing” fuzzy front-end of innovation work which, ultimately, are anchored in conversations. Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Innovation Story?

Innovation Excellence is going to curate 100+ Innovation Stories this year, share them on our site, on our Cities Tour, at the Front and Back End of Innovation Conferences and beyond. We’re going to give them away with the hope that they’ll make a big impact in the world. Learn More on March 20, details ahead… Continue reading

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The Tipping Point between Structure & Innovation

Like many things in life, the far ends of the spectrum are often compelling but very ineffective. In the case of innovation, at one end of the spectrum we find the “no structure” advocates. These individuals believe that innovation and creativity reject all structure or process. Continue reading

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Six Techniques to Sharpen and Expand Your Innovation Instincts

One of the most valuable things anyone can bring to the innovation process is great ideas for uniquely solving consumer needs. And, in order to bring novel (innovative) ideas to your organization, I have found that it is important to continually sharpen and expand your instincts and intuition. Here are six techniques that can help.
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Innovating Journalism for a New Media World

As the college school year gets going, journalism programs are asking a very pertinent question in the age of upended media models: What should journalism schools teach? The answer from where I sit: Something different from what they’re teaching now.
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PARC Responds – Apple and the Truth About Innovation

On the surface, Malcolm Gladwell’s article for The New Yorker, “Creation Myth: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation”, is a story about the mouse and how inventions travel – and evolve – across time and place. But examined more deeply, the article is really about the factors that determine whether you end up with an invention or an innovation. Continue reading

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Evolutionary psychologists understand that we survive not as individuals but as communities, and that makes all the difference.  Starting from simple principles, they’ve been able to unlock many of the counter-intuitive secrets of how cultures emerge, adapt, spread ideas and produce technology. Continue reading

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