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Disrupting the Corporate Learning Paradigm - online debate

Reflecting back to the disruptive online discussion, I was somewhat shocked by the narrow and conventional response; “Starting up a business is not a GAME… Continue reading

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Finding the Best Ideas

Three big reasons why establishing an innovative community within your organisation will help you find the best ideas. Continue reading

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2014 Top Trend Sites

As innovator you need to look ahead and prepare your organization for the future. Not an easy job, knowing the world is changing at an increasing pace. What’s going to happen? How will my market change? What new technology is out there? How are target groups changing? And what impact will it have on us? Continue reading

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Surviving the “Valley of Death!”

The “Valley of Death” involves clarifying the more tangible aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the “Emotional Rollercoaster” involves managing the less tangible and more potentially reactive aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. These form the harsh reality and the deep chasm that exists between an invention and its execution, Continue reading

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What Jayley Bledsoe Teaches Us About Ideas

Innovation is about taking risks, but also about finding the right time to take those risks, as Jaylen Bledsoe’s example proves. Continue reading

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It’s become far easier for people to access their phone to take a note or remember something than a piece of paper. Continue reading

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Our next series of blogs will cover how to embrace co-creation to drive public sector innovation. Continue reading

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