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The Internet of Things poses an industrial disruption potentially unmatched in history. Every business needs to reevaluate their identity and position, innovate to take advantage of new technologies, and decide to move with a sense of urgency. Continue reading

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The Problem With Corporate Innovation

If that sounds like a pretentious title, you are probably right, but it’s time to start talking about the fact that so many companies simply cannot innovate effectively. Continue reading

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People’s fear of failure can be a strong inhibitor for seizing opportunities and transforming entrepreneurial intentions into entrepreneurial activity! Continue reading

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Maybe as companies grow, and especially when they become public, they simply cannot be creative anymore? The regulatory requirements associated with being a public company, and the liability considerations of having “deep pockets” alone might prevent the company from creating an environment supporting creativity. Continue reading

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If you’ve ever received a lollipop after an unpleasant visit to the doctor, or received a gold star in Kindergarten for good behavior, then you’re already familiar with the concept of gamification. On its face, it can be considered complex and unapproachable, but in fact, its basic premise has been around longer than we think. Continue reading

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I’ve fallen in love with living in Las Vegas, but most people think I’m crazy to move here. I may well be, but in my defense, there is a huge difference between the Vegas I know, and the Vegas that automatically springs to most peoples minds. This disconnect between what most people think Vegas is, and how I think of it illustrates two really important biases that can impact innovation, and business productivity as a whole. One is the confirmation bias, the other is the illusion of understanding. Continue reading

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Startup Acquisition to Foster Innovation

Chad Mcallister interviews Tim Bates, the startup founder, CEO, and now serves as an interim executive for hire in innovation, product, and senior leadership roles. Continue reading

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