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Learn how a small business innovation research (SBIR) contract, Hurricane Katrina and a prototype spawned success. Continue reading

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Intuit Sparks

Any enlightened innovator can inspire others when in direct audience; the challenge is sparking a whole-of-company revolution. How can one individual effect such massive cultural transformation? Continue reading

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Target, Walgreens, Google - who will win? - Innovation Excellence

Huge players are scrambling to make an impact: Walgreen’s, Google, Time Warner, Target, as well as an increasing number of healthcare technology start ups. Who will win? Continue reading

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Around 4% of innovation initiatives achieve their internally defined success criteria. Even worse, only 12% of research and development projects even return their capital cost! Continue reading

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I used to fight the idea that more creative people go to startups. I didn’t see any reason why people would choose startup over mature companies (or vice versa) based on their own level of creativity. Continue reading

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The 6 Ways Big Companies are Innovating Against Silicon Valley

Unicorns Vs. Titans of Industry: How Fortune 500 approach technology innovation: An Indicative Research Report by Indicative’s Matt Levin. Continue reading

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Although his comment was more about a personal gripe with me, I realized that hidden in it were two important points related to innovation. Continue reading

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