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Innovation and the Art of Implementation: Dealing with Creatives  - Innovation Excellence

Give the creatives the freedom to push back the status quo and to even obliterate the status quo with a sledgehammer. This freedom will unleash their creativity, ultimately helping to catapult your business into a new role as industry leaders, rather than be left behind as laggard and scared, same-old status quo followers. Continue reading

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The Spark of Innovation: Changing your mindset to become an innovator

Innovation is not new a concept. Innovations have always been the major catalyst behind humankind’s success. But some of us are better at innovating then others and it all comes down to developing that innovation mindset. Continue reading

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Innovation and Introduction to TRIZ Theory for New Product Development Process - Innovation Excellence

The TRIZ approach and best practices such as the Stage-Gate Process can greatly benefit each other. These approaches are not rivals, but rather can be used to amplify each other’s successes. Continue reading

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Sometimes, every once in awhile, an amazing book drops off the shelf, in front of your eyes and into your hands and resonates with you at the core of your being. ‘Creativity, Inc. Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration’ by Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, recently had that effect on me! Continue reading

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Producer David O. Russell’s most recent movie, Joy, begins with a title card appearing on the screen announcing this dedication: “Inspired by the true stories of daring women. One in particular.” That one particular woman is Joy Mangano, the “Queen of HSN”, who is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with more than a hundred patents to her name and is most famously known for her first invention, the Miracle Mop. Continue reading

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RIP George Martin – An Innovation Master - Innovation Excellence

It has been a tough few months for Rock and Roll. We have lost Bowie, Lemmy, BB King, Chris Squire, Scott Weiland, Glenn Frey and today, Keith Emerson. On Tuesday, we lost another master blender and enabler – Sir George Martin, the Fifth Beatle. As an innovator, he epitomized many traits we should all aspire to – Expertise, openness, crossing boundaries and passion for quality. RIP Sir George Continue reading

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“Innovation attitudes, not just aptitudes, matter. The ethos is as much about culture as competence.” Continue reading

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