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Whilst the average manager and leader may not fully appreciate the role of experimentation in innovation, it is widely accepted in innovation management circles, that there is no innovation without experimentation. Continue reading

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Creating an Innovation Group to Foster Product Management

Chad McAllister interviews Jeff Honious, the VP of Innovation at the RELX Group, about creating an innovation group in a large organization. Continue reading

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One of the crucial steps towards true innovation is ideation, a collaborative process that requires the joint participation of a company’s New Product Development (NPD) and Leadership Team Development (LTD) departments. Visionaries are crucial to any company, but so is the collective effort. Continue reading

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Understanding CEO speak is key to succeed in Innovation Continue reading

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Unleashing the ideas of your frontline staff can play a huge role in the success of your organization. Managers may be the best source for aggregated information, but it is the frontline staff — the sales team, the marketing team, the customer care team — that holds the specific and detailed knowledge about how the work really gets done and how current systems can be improved. Continue reading

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Once you have established if a proposition is desirable and possible, the assessment can be made on whether it is viable in the market. Continue reading

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innovation excellence

Isn’t competition great? It often brings out the best in people, enabling them to do more than they even knew themselves. When ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, launched the Grand Prize 2015, to recognize excellence in innovation management, we had reasonable expectations for what would be submitted. But the entries surpassed our expectations. Continue reading

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