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Disrupting the Corporate Learning Paradigm - online debate

Reflecting back to the disruptive online discussion, I was somewhat shocked by the narrow and conventional response; “Starting up a business is not a GAME… Continue reading

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Five 2

One of my business school professors, Freek Vermeulen from my days at London Business School had this to say about innovation – “Innovation has been looked at from every conceivable angle, but we still repeat the same mistakes.” Continue reading

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Wrong Answer is the Right Answer to a Different Question

A good way to start a brainstorm is to deliberately look for wrong answers. Set the challenge and then ask people to think of crazy ideas which are just plain wrong. Then take some of the more outrageous wrong ideas and kick them around. People will be outside their comfort zone and they will approach the original challenge from a new perspective. Each crazy notion can be provocative and stimulating… Continue reading

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How NOT To Innovate

Liberal vs. conservative, PC vs. Mac, Chevy vs. Ford. Seems there’s always two points of view, two approaches, two views. Or there’s a continuum. What about “innovation”? What are the opposing approaches to innovation? Continue reading

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Do large companies need a Slow Development movement?

A rush to “get something out” can be driven by the calendar. In startup companies, specifically software ones, the advice is to release often. Get stuff out there, see how it performs. Y Combinator’s Paul Graham advocates this. But does that advice work for large companies? Continue reading

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Two Views on Innovation at Google

What does innovation look like inside Google? Well, here are a couple of perspectives from a couple of different Google evangelists. Some of which has been contradicted by other Google employees that I’ve talked to (like the fact that the 20% time that everyone talks so much about, doesn’t actually exist anymore). But there are some interesting things in here nonetheless. Continue reading

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Failure Forums: Complexity Theory and the Role of Failure in Driving New Business Models

Finding success in these endeavors requires navigating a series of complex forces like garnering internal resources, defining decision making criteria, and avoiding the landmines of corporate politics just to name a few. Continue reading

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