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Lomig Unger is an expert in collaborative innovation framework, with a 15 years experience in innovation, and 11 in the car industry. Deeply involved in Renault Creative People initiative, he draws some lessons from this ideas-sparkling entity. Continue reading

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The Lean Startup concept is an appropriate choice for creating new businesses through development of an already existing idea or vision. Design thinking, on the other hand, might be preferred if the right business idea has not been found yet and customer needs or problems are still vague. Continue reading

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Design Thinking: a pharmaceutical puzzle

We’ve just completed the design and delivery of an innovation conference for a pharmaceutical company in Ireland. Our theme at the conference was navigating constraints in a highly constrained business environment. After some initial diagnostic work, we came up with the idea of mazes, puzzles and games as a design principle. Continue reading

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45 Design Thinking Resources for Educators

Imagine a world where digital learning platforms help adult learners succeed through college completion; where a network of schools offers international-quality education, affordable tuition, and serves hundreds of thousands of children in economically disadvantaged countries; and where a comprehensive learning environment seamlessly connects the classroom with the opportunities of the digital world for young students. Educators across the world have been using design thinking to create such a world. Continue reading

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Idea to Design:

One of the most important keys to the success of an App is the understanding of user behavior. Dr. Iris Yuster shows how to successfully balance business goals, technological capabilities, and potential user behavior in a mobile shopping app. Continue reading

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When middle management is risk-averse, and stopping innovation from happening, is a parallel path, with a separate brand, the way forward? Koen Boeykens shares with us his innovation experience at large Telco KPN. Continue reading

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Balancing Innovation via Organizational Ambidexterity - Part 2

In part 2 of 3, Ralph-Christian Ohr and Frank Mattes show us best practice examples of how some of the most innovative firms are setting up organizational ambidexterity. Continue reading

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