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How I Use Design Thinking to Leverage Strength and Design

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. During the show I shared my story of how I applied “design thinking” to leverage my strengths and design around my weaknesses. This approach resulted in breakthrough performances as both an athlete and an entrepreneur. Continue reading

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Innovation Portfolio Over Time

The challenge for companies will be to find their positions in upcoming platform ecosystems. Not every company has the capability and influence to act as an orchestrating platform builder. But even participating in other firms’ ecosystems can be highly attractive. Continue reading

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Max DePree: North America’s First CEO Design Thinker - Innovation Excellence

The former CEO of Herman Miller, Max DePree said, “I’ve got so many MBAs, but what I need is a poet. Poets are the original systems thinkers.” This poetic mode is the critical perspective in a human-factor and design business—and Herman Miller is the most apt precursor in the Design Thinking revolution, so they knew the value of this holistic, poetic lens where anything can be better designed to better suit real people. Continue reading

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Innovation: A Journey of Discovery

Innovation gets defined so many ways that it can be confusing. While there is a repeatable framework for creating new value, the iterative nature of front end discovery work can perplex those who believe that work should be linear. Continue reading

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“Over the years, Open Innovation has become the new normal” states Hannes, Director Open Innovation Networks at Swarovski. Continue reading

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How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 2 - Innovation Excellence

Read about Key Findings in part 2 this two-part series on the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation. Continue reading

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Darwin: On breaking the rules (December 27, 1831) - Innovation Excellence

Darwin first observed and complied with the rules without preconceptions. Then with this base knowledge in hand, he changed science as we know it. Continue reading

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