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PSA’s Hybrid Air – A Low Cost Technology for the Post-Crisis Rebound

Writing in December about past lessons on innovation for the post-crisis rebound, I relayed Marc Giget’s view that crisis have proven to be a fertile ground for innovation as long as it is frugal. Cost-efficient products, whether in terms of acquisition cost or running costs or both, are the typical winners that lead the way out of the crisis. Continue reading

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Increasing Demand for a Third Place

As I look around the economic landscape in the United States and see a climate where not only home prices but also rents are falling in many geographies, especially as the results of an all-advised rental property construction boom become available. I find myself thinking that we are in the middle of a profound shift in the American reality. Continue reading

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Making Innovation Sustainable - Part 1 of 4

Success can be blinding. Organizations often drive themselves by trying to look through the windscreen and in the rearview mirror, only to get blindsided by something from the left or the right. Put another way, organizations often focus on what they’ve already done and moving it forward (often in an incremental way). Continue reading

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4 Days to Innovate

The clock is ticking on the congressional “supercommittee” – a panel comprised of six Republicans and six Democrats charged with issuing a plan to balance the nation’s budget. The bipartisan gathering has only four days until their deadline to submit such a plan. But how well can they, or anyone, innovate while the clock is ticking? Continue reading

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Innovation is a Capability NOT an Activity

I get this fairly regularly, a senior executive who is in somewhat dire straits. Their firms, once leaders in their industries, neglected R&D, postponed interesting new products and services and failed to innovate consistently. Now, they are no longer the lead dog, and are unhappy with the view from behind. To begin to remedy three to five years of focusing on efficiency, cost-cutting, right-sizing and ignoring innovation,they often want to conduct a week-long workshop to generate disruptive new ideas. You can almost imagine where this is going…. My first question when I get this request is: OK, once the idea generation event is over, what next? Since I know most organizations don’t have an organized innovation process or workflow, or a deep bench of people and resources to throw at such a significant problem, I know the likely outcome is a few people assigned part-time to evaluate …

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