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In my research of creativity in startup and mature companies I found that the ability of the team to hold productive debates was critical to that team’s creativity level. Continue reading

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As demands for different types of innovation drive companies to seek new answers to their challenges they will need to mix and match the professional innovation skills to achieve their goal. Brett Trusko goes over the innovation building blocks. Continue reading

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How To Be More Creative

Creativity isn’t just for artists, musicians, writers, and designers. We all have the ability to be excellent creative thinkers. Continue reading

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There is a wide range of definitions for the terms “Creativity” and “Innovation”. The one I use the most has two elements to it. From a domain perspective, Innovation is an organizational function, while Creativity is an individual function. From a process perspective, Innovation is a Creative idea that got implemented. The implementation of a creative idea generated by an employee is… Continue reading

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Our fear of crossing the “demilitarized zone” between debate and conflict adversely affects our creativity and productivity as a team. Yoram Solomon goes over how this affects our creativity. Continue reading

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The creative process of birthing breakthrough innovations can provide a substantial top-line boon but it too often suffers a fatal flaw felt in failed product launch after failed product launch. Continue reading

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It sounds intuitive that creativity and innovation are important to company success, but when the corporate world focuses so intensely on the “bottom line”, is there a real impact of creativity on company profitability that would justify a shift of that focus from current year bottom line to innovation? Continue reading

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