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It takes more than just an Innovation focus to succeed. Ad Age reports on Walmart’s on sustainable innovation. Continue reading

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50 Incredible Wi-Fi Tech Statistics

Here are 50 incredible wi-fi tech statistics that every businesses must know.. Continue reading

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Could defining jobs differently potentially take a big bite out of unemployment? The answer to that may actually lie in the crowd. Continue reading

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Innovative Food Networks: Italy

A Review of Christina Grasseni’s new book and account of the inner workings of Italy’s solidarity purchase groups.The model is extremely innovative, both in terms of its social effect and financial implications. Continue reading

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Why Failure Is Important for Big Innovation

Expectations are a big issue in this scenario of innovation. If senior leaders at Google expect a high output from Google X they would be sadly disappointed. But they explicitly reward failure. Continue reading

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Google + Nest - Benefits Trump Fear

With the Internet of Things around the corner, privacy can become a great concern. The recent announcement that Google is acquiring Nest, a tech startup that makes smart thermostats and smoke detectors for the home, has raised significant discussions about privacy and the future of innovations. Continue reading

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Why We Need to Innovate Globally and Locally

When companies become global, for the most part they start and grow operations in various parts of the globe, at times driven by the desire to sell more and expand in these emerging/new markets, and also to take advantage of the lower cost of labor. However, as we discuss in ProVoke, innovation is truly global and is not intended to innovate in location ‘A’ (mostly applies to the US) and expect to succeed by exporting to the rest of the world. Continue reading

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