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Feeling the Creative Sizzle

There’s a saying in marketing, “It’s not the steak, it’s the sizzle.” In other words, people do not really buy a product. Rather, they buy the emotions and feelings associated with the product. Steak is not bought because it’s a chunk of beef. But, because if it is well cooked, it will taste delicious (if you are not a vegetarian, anyway!) Continue reading

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How Social Affects Lead Generation

Social for lead generation has finally stepped into the limelight, and for good reason. The question of whether or not it can be an effective B2B marketing strategy has been answered with an astounding yes. But now the question remains, “how do I successfully implement social into my overall strategy?” Continue reading

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Are B2B Companies Slower Adaptors of Open Innovation?

As I am about to do an open innovation session for a B2B company, I got to think about this question once again and since it works well for a good discussion, let me start out with a couple of remarks.. Continue reading

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CSO Survey Part 4

Don’t Miss Final Part 4 from the 2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey: Strategic Growth Accountability Continue reading

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The Fabulous Five - Loyalty Factor

Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Companies fight for it because it correlates well to product sales. The Fabulous Five (Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and Facebook) are waging a spectacular battle against each other to earn customer loyalty. Continue reading

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The Fabulous Five and the Scramble for Territory

Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, and Amazon are in a mad scramble to enter new territory and cover gaps in their strategies. The one that gets ahead and stays ahead will earn bragging rights in what may be the most significant business battle of all time. These companies are the Fabulous Five. Continue reading

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Social Media versus Social Business

Accenture recently surveyed 200+ B2B companies with revenues of more than a billion dollars and found that a large majority agree on the importance of social media. So far so good. But they also found that only eight percent of those companies are heavily engaged in social media today. Why the discrepancy? Continue reading

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