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Apple vs. Samsung and How Innovation Suffers

By now you've probably heard that jury selection started today in San Jose, California in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial that will impact both the smartphone and tablet market segments. It will also impact the relationship between the two companies since Apple is Samsung largest customer, supplying displays, FLASH storage, and chipsets to Apple, for both the iPhone and iPad platforms.

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Amazon's Innovation Philosophy

What may have started with a question from @evanjacobs at Amazon.com's 2011 shareholder meeting, ended with interesting commentary from Amazon's CEO - Jeff Bezos - on their philosophy around invention, innovation, and risk taking. The key insights I extracted from Bezos' response to the question about their lack of big visible market failures and whether Amazon is continuing to take bold enough risks are as follows:

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How Companies Pursue Greatness

James Wynn, Strategy Principal at SYPartners talks with Lou Killeffer about two of the world’s great businesses and brands, IBM and Starbucks, and how companies pursue greatness. This is the first in an exclusive series of Innovation Conversations that looks inside how some companies become great and stay great…

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