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 Microsoft out-innovates Apple & Google

Microsoft has become more innovative and can take advantage not only of current and upcoming customer trends, but has set its strategy for long-term growth. Continue reading

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Why SIRI And Not Watson?

Our first impression, of course, is that SIRI is much more suitable as an app. Turns out SIRI continually learns.. And at first glance, Watson seems extremely complex and complicated. We all remember Watson at the famous jeopardy TV game…we were all blown away. Imagine the possibilities that Watson can offer.. Continue reading

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15 Tech Companies That Will Define 2014

From giants like Apple and Google to upstart companies Oculus VR, Xiaomi, and Nordic Semiconductor, this slideshow will break down the important companies you must be watching in 2014. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property: The Winning Mario Kart Strategy

Patent searching, filing and policing is rapidly becoming a drag on organizations’ resources and agility. The likes of Apple and Samsung only manage to neutralize each other in epic but ultimately no-value-adding battles.. Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking WOW

There is a twilight period triggered by a business downturn when the leaders and innovators demonstrate whether they are leading change or being chased by change. Recently, some painful examples from global companies illustrate what business has to do during the limited twilight period when bright business conditions transition to dark and stormy. In my experience… Continue reading

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Vision Beats Numbers - How Apple Showed Intel A Better Way to Grow

Can you believe it has been only 12 years since Apple introduced the iPod? Since then Apple’s value has risen from about $11 (January, 2001) to over $500 (today) – an astounding 45X increase. With all that success it is easy to forget that it was not a “gimme” that the iPod would succeed. At that time Sony dominated the personal music world.. Continue reading

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Strong Leaders in the Context of Innovation

I have often said that Apple is a bad example for learning on innovation because it is a very unique company (at least it was during the leadership of Steve Jobs). Since it was/is such a unique company, we should be careful on their innovation moves as they would be difficult to apply to a ”normal” company.. Continue reading

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