Innovation Perspectives

Innovation Perspectives is our monthly feature to present our loyal readers with different perspectives on a single topic all in one place along with the ability to compare, contrast and discuss them in the comments here on Blogging Innovation and in the Continuous Innovation group on LinkedIn. May’s topic was:”How should firms collaborate with customers and/or value chain partners to co-create new products and services?” Janelle Noble – Adobe’s Idea Lab Yann Cramer – A Common Purpose Mark Prus – Three Co-Creation Perspectives Mike Dalton – Eyes Wide Open Mike Brown – Collaborative Innovation Efforts Mark Roser – When to Co-Create Debbie Goldgaber – Co-Creation vs. Open-Product Development Matt Heinz – Getting Partnerships Done Steve Todd – EMC Customer Innovation If you would like to suggest a topic for next month’s Innovation Perspectives, or would like to contribute, please leave a comment or contact us. Braden Kelley is the editor … Continue reading

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The Romance of Creativity

If you are trying to bring something new into the world, know this: The creative process is very much like a relationship. And like most relationships, it usually begins with fascination — that curious state of mind that keeps you spellbound, charmed, and aroused. Whenever someone gets a new idea, a kind of romance begins. For many of us, just thinking about a new idea is an aphrodisiac. It turns us on, psyches us up, and otherwise makes it hard to eat, sleep, or obsess about cash flow. While some people involved in a new relationship are able to sustain this excitement for months, most of us are less fortunate. It’s the rare person who knows how to savor and expand upon this feeling for years. After the intoxication of the initial encounter wears off, a less-than-incredible reality sets in. Where once we saw only beauty, now we see blemishes. … Continue reading

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Turning Thoughts into Actions

All action and no thinking is bad; so too is all thinking and no action. The search for perfection can easily lead to procrastination. Because we cannot conceive an ideal solution we keep searching and searching. We use one thinking tool after another and fall into paralysis by analysis. For most situations in life, there is a time for thought and a time for action. Here are some tips for overcoming the roadblock of procrastination. Ask yourself, ‘Why am I stuck?’ If you are stuck in a rut then ask yourself why this has happened. Are you baffled by the problem? Are you scared of taking action? Are you lazy? Are you waiting for perfection? Are you worried about the costs or risks of taking action? Is there something in your mood or emotions that is holding you back? Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Write down the reasons for your … Continue reading

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Is Twitter Innovative? - @biz at #wif10

Social Networking was well represented at the World Innovation Forum including discussion of Web 2.0 from former Amazon Chief Scientist Andreas Weigend, technology venture capitalist Brian Shawn Cohen and Twitter co-founder @Biz Stone. At events, I use Twitter for taking notes (I’ll quote a few in this post). RT @stephenshapiro: Biz stone from twitter on the stage. Surreal tweeting about twitter. #wif10 < surreal? no, flashback to 2008/9 5:36 PM Jun 8th via TweetDeck [I also wrote a few blog posts about Twitter in 2008/9, and here I am again writing about it] How do we innovate? There are many ways that companies can innovate including internal development, crowdsourcing, and through acquisition. Twitter has done all of these. Twitter started as a very simple tool – broadcasting 140-character messages sent via SMS (text) or web for the world to see. One of the most innovative things that Twitter did …

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World Innovation Forum 2010

I just returned from the World Innovation Forum in NYC. My big insight? Thought leaders will soon be a thing of the past. In their place? Feeling leaders — business savants who have made the journey from head to heart and aren’t afraid to let the rest of us know what they’ve learned along the way. I’m not talking warm and fuzzy. Nor am I diminishing the thoughtfulness of WIF presenters. They were. Thoughtful, that is. Very. But it wasn’t so much their thinking that moved me — as it was the feeling behind their thinking. No matter what business you’re in, the engine of innovation is really about being moved. That’s what movements are made of — the heartfelt, intrinsically motivated effort to get off of dead center and accomplish something meaningful. This is the crossroads all of us are standing at these days — the intersection between this … Continue reading

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Work Out With A Little Help From Your Friends

In the Participation Economy, we’re all connected. Our days are centered around social media, email, text messages, Blackberries, iPhones and e-Readers. Facebook and LinkedIn have become such a big part of our lives that they’re almost irreplaceable. We’re so interconnected, that even the smallest decisions are made by a collective We, rather than the individual. Want to go to a new restaurant? There’s a thousand reviews on Yelp that can tell you where to go. Thinking about a new haircut? Post a status update on your Facebook about it and watch the advice come barreling in. With all this interaction, it wasn’t much of a surprise to read a recent Wall Street Journal article – The Power of a Gentle Nudge. The story focuses on a Stanford University study on the impact of social support from friends on exercise routines. And it’s a great idea! Why not use all this … Continue reading

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Innovation versus Innovative

I’ve been thinking lately about differences between the words “innovation” and “innovative,” not so much in the dictionary sense though. More about what the two words suggest to people – where they overlap and where they are different. For me, innovation implies something process-oriented, structured, and clearly intent on creating something markedly new and different from what existed before. Innovative seems like something more subtle; more of a perspective than an end result. It might be a strategy for adjusting a process or pre-existing entity to make it better or more efficient without being a revolutionary change. As part of the ongoing tweaks (i.e., innovative modifications) to the blog and its contents, I’m curious about how you in the innovation community think about and draw distinctions (if any) between these two words. Let me know your perspectives and what angles on each of them are of greatest interest and value … Continue reading

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