Social Media Expert or Wannabe?

Determining whether someone is a social media expert or a just another wannabe can be a difficult task for the typical consumer. There is a tremendous amount of noise out there being created by a plethora of “consultants” professing expertise in what I refer to as the new social sciences: personal branding, social networking, social media marketing, etc. I just did a Google search for the term social media expert and had more than 96 million returned search results… give me a break. So my question is this: what constitutes a “social media expert,” and how do you tell the posers from the players? Which of these professed miracle workers are true professionals, and which ones are simply attempting to gravy-train a rapidly growing market niche in pursuit of a quick buck?Let me begin by dispelling a popular myth oft espoused online – It seems to be fashionable of late … Continue reading

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Making Your Organization Understand Open Innovation

A Lesson from General Millsby Stefan LindegaardChanging organizational culture is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to open innovation. What can you do? Well, General Mills gave a great example at the recent CoDev conference. By sending more than 20 people to the conference, they sent a strong signal – internally as well as externally – that they are committed to open innovation.I really liked this move and thus I did an interview with Mike Antinone, who is Sr. R&D Manager, Connected Innovation in General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network, in order to get a better understanding on this.What made you decide to send this delegation to CoDev?We had two main reasons for sending our GWIN team to CoDev this year. The first was really around team building. We have added several new team members as we expand our global innovation entrepreneur program and we wanted to have … Continue reading

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Innovation Perspectives - All of the Above

This is the fourth of several ‘Innovation Perspectives’ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘Who should be responsible (if anyone) for trend-spotting and putting emerging behaviors and needs into context for a business?’. Here is the next perspective in the series:by Rocco TarasiThere are a lot of easy answers to this question, but the easy ones are not necessarily the correct ones. The first easy answer is “the CEO”, because they are responsible for the strategy and direction of the business, are presumed to know more about their business than anyone, and are responsible for promoting a culture of innovation. But the CEO isn’t on the front lines of most businesses – they aren’t stocking the shelves with Proctor & Gamble goods at the grocery store, or working at the mall kiosk selling Blackberries, or greeting customers at the Citibank checkout window … Continue reading

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How Profitable are the iPad and Kindle?

How much money are Apple and Amazon making from selling the iPad and the Kindle?Get ready for the iPad to come to an Apple store near you, and for iTunes TV show downloads. Apple will be offering US TV shows for $1 each, as reported by the Financial Times. This coincides with the scheduled release of the iPad sometime in April in an attempt to boost adoption and pull sales through the channel. TV episodes are normally $1.99 for standard-definition and $2.99 for high-definition through iTunes. There was talk before the iPad launch that Apple might at last introduce an iTunes TV show subscription service, but it never happened. I am sure that is still on the table, but there are no further details about when this could come together. Some wonder how much money Apple can make with the iPad. Obviously the higher end models are usually more profitable … Continue reading

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What does Apple do when it all goes pear-shaped?

Most CEOs would say that innovation is critical to their companies’ success. Loads of people would like to exercise their creativity and innovate, but whether at the corporate or at the individual level, something holds everyone back: risk. “What if it all goes wrong?” This can be more or less marked depending on the degree of acceptance of trial-and-error as a learning process, but to some extent it exists in all cultures, countries and companies.What can we do about it? There are process answers around framing the project and keeping it focused, rapid prototyping different versions of the product or piloting in the market. But most importantly there is a mindset answer which is both accept it and don’t accept it.Accept ItForbes provides an interesting list of Apple failures: a few forgotten computers such as the Lisa, the Mac portable, the Taligent, the power mac G4 cube, and a raft … Continue reading

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Venessa Miemis - Trends for the 2010s

Here are a few recurring themes that have been popping up on my radar.(click to enlarge)Enjoy this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and join our Continuous Innovation group!Venessa Miemis is a Media Studies graduate student at the New School in NYC, exploring what happens at the intersection of technology, culture, and communication. Connect with her at and on Twitter @venessamiemis.

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Innovation Perspectives - Trendspotters

This is the second of several ‘Innovation Perspectives’ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘Who should be responsible (if anyone) for trend-spotting and putting emerging behaviors and needs into context for a business?’. Here is the next perspective in the series:by Mike BrownWho should be deciphering the future and helping shape how a business understands and prepares for it?The first inclination might be to think about a specific part of an organization for the function. It’s important though to identify the individuals well-suited to this challenging role. From that perspective, five capabilities are vital to successfully champion this effort:Having a Natural External PerspectiveCreating solid insights about the future depends on starting with a view outside, not inside the business. It’s a natural orientation that not all people share. Someone in a trend-interpreting role has to be a sponge for gathering, processing, and … Continue reading

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