Cathederal or Chaos?

The other day I gave a speech on open innovation at a conference primarily focused on open source software. One of the presenters at the event suggested that instead of trying to create a cathedral by controlling software development, we should instead be comfortable with a mess. The point of open source is to let creativity emerge from the mess. I thought that was an interesting point and was curious if this is how open source really works. Just then an audience member made a comment (paraphrased here) – “Nearly every major, successful open source software effort has been backed by (and loosely controlled) by a large group. For example, Mozilla’s support of Firefox and Oracle’s support of Open Office.” He listed a few others and concluded that the only one that was not organized this way was Apache. He implied that maybe the “mess” is not best. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Little Things Make a Difference

I sometimes hear people express frustration at working an entire day on “little things” and not feeling successful. But where do you think success comes from? It comes from the little things. There’s no escaping the fact that measurable success (no matter how you define it) doesn’t just happen, doesn’t emerge out of a mind-blowing hour of work, or a day doing supernatural things. Success happens by doing a ton of the little things, doing them right, and doing them in the right order based on a predetermined path and pre-identified set of objectives and success metrics. If you know where you’re going, and know how to get there, the path to success is all the little things. Some days that’s hard to feel good about, because you don’t always feel or see the success every day. Some days are full of just the little things that, on their own, … Continue reading

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The 'M' Word

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone has asked me if I make money from my blog — and a dollar for every time one of these people has used the “M” word, asking me if I’ve found a way to “monetize” the effort. Well, before I answer their frequently asked question, let me begin with the basics. The word “monetize” completely repels me. If there is one word in the English language I could live without it would be that word. What? “Leverage,” “incentivize,” and “maximize” aren’t enough? Now we need “monetize?” Hey folks: not every thing we do needs to be monetized. Yes, it IS possible to do something without the spectre (or promise) of money looming over your head. I feel really good about hugging my kids without monetizing the effort. I also feel really good about walking my dog without monetizing the effort. … Continue reading

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$499 Innovation and Marketing Consulting

As many of you know, Blogging Innovation is a sideline for me, and a way of giving back by bringing together the best innovation and marketing insights I can get access to and then make them accessible for the greater good. To pay the bills and keep Blogging Innovation going, I do consulting, speaking and writing. In recognition of the changing economic realities and the increasingly global market for our services, we are pleased to offer snack-sized innovation and marketing consulting services by Skype video conference as well as traditional on-site consulting. Now you can rent Braden’s brain for even the smallest need or budget. Here are our three main packages: Silver Gold Platinum Skype video call Up to 90 minutes of preparation and consulting services Additional hours available for purchase Skype video call Up to 180 minutes of preparation and consulting services Additional hours available for purchase Travel expenses … Continue reading

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This year I thought I would experiment with a Top Ten list at the beginning of each month, profiling the ten posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Blogging Innovation. So, without further ado, here are September’s ten most popular innovation or marketing posts: Innovation and Porter’s Value Chain – by Jeffrey Phillips Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2010 – by Braden Kelley Building a Marketing Strategy for Innovation Efforts – by James Pasmantier Rethinking Failure – by Mitch Ditkoff Enhancing Creativity – Adult Games versus Kid Games – by Stephen Shapiro Innovation Doesn’t Begin with Idea Generation – by Jeffrey Phillips 50 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation – by Mitch Ditkoff Problem Solving Skills Different Than Intelligence – by Idris Mootee Does Your Culture Support Innovation? – by Holly G. Green Future of Work – by Saul Kaplan If you’re not familiar with … Continue reading

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Brilliant Accidents

I love hearing stories about how big ideas came to be. It turns out that, oftentimes, world-changing innovations weren’t the result of an isolated epiphany or the effortless insights of a genius. They were accidents. The technology blog Gizmodo recently told the story of the “10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time.” My favorite involves one of the most ubiquitous gadgets in the world: the microwave. According to Gizmodo, the microwave came about when Navy engineer Percy Spencer was working with a microwave-emitting magnetron (then used in radar arrays) and “found that a chocolate bar in his pocket had started to melt.” He deduced that the microwaves were to blame, and used the principle to create the popcorn-popping device we all rely on today. Play-Doh also has a great origin story. It was originally marketed as a substance for cleaning spots off of wallpaper. It wasn’t until children began using … Continue reading

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World Business Forum 2010 Ticket - Last Chance

Special Offer Would you like to win a ticket to the World Business Forum 2010 in New York City October 5-6, 2010? Are you in New York City or could you get there at your own expense on short notice? Well, have I got a deal for you. The winner I picked in the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2010 contest did not claim their prize and with the event being in only a couple of days, I will give the ticket to the first person to contact us that can attend and cover their own travel. Separate Opportunity On a side note, if there is an avid, reliable blogger and social media type out there that will agree to cover the event on behalf of Blogging Innovation, I can get one Blogging Innovation correspondent into this prestigious event. Check out the all-star lineup (Al Gore, A.G. Lafley, Jack Welch, … Continue reading

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