Announcing Stikkee Situations

I am proud to announce the launch of my business cartoon series called Stikkee Situations. I will try and do at least one business cartoon a week on the themes of innovation, change, marketing, management, leadership, strategy, culture, human resources, entrepreneurship, and the occasional political cartoon just for fun. You may notice changes over time as I take a rapid prototype, Lean Startup type approach to the creation and evolution of this strip. Continue reading

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Here’s a useful tip for you the next time you find yourself standing in front of a group of people and about to facilitate a meeting of any kind. Before you begin, ask people to give you permission to facilitate. Continue reading

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An Innovation Conversation with Fahrenheit212

Our interview with Fahrenheit 212 ultimately referenced: innovation’s star turn from interesting to imperative; the maturation of the category; the growing prominence and pitfalls of the RFP, Abraham Lincoln, unicorn sightings, the pursuit of a model that creates innovators in addition to innovations, and oh yes, their mantra, “the Money and the Magic”.
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A Peek Inside Ireland's Innovation Island

I had the opportunity recently to intervidw Rory Mullen, West Coast Director, IDA Ireland, and ask him a few questions about the innovation climate in Ireland and how the government is contributing to an increase in the innovation capacity of the island. Continue reading

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What China Must Do to Innovate

Innovation is an essential ingredient to the growth and success of China’s economy. The use of methods such as Systematic Inventive Thinking will accelerate that growth. But where should China focus its innovation efforts? Continue reading

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Virtually everything the government does these days, from drivers’ licenses to voter registration to retirement benefits, requires a robust technological platform that must overcome challenges specific to the public sector. Now, a team of technologists thinks they may have a solution. Continue reading

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Dr. Larry Miller

He said “my father was a toolmaker and I used to watch him work, I still like to tinker, to make things.” I was speaking with an eminent Emergency Room surgeon, Dr Larry Miller who created a life saving technology called the EZ-IO. Continue reading

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