In 1960, Harvard professor Theodore Levitt published a landmark paper in Harvard Business Review that urged executives to ask, “What business are you really in?” Even today, a half century later, his challenge still resonates. Continue reading

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The innovation economy shifts daily. New or updated products and services change the landscape at an ever increasing rate, and occasionally a truly disruptive innovation enters the market forcing incumbents to alter plans while opening up new opportunities for the latest crop of fast followers. Continue reading

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A Word About Assumptions: Part Two

In addition to building creative visions for specific transcendental situations, it is also useful to pose generic creative challenges to yourself and perhaps your team, this is particularly true in business. Let’s look at a few generic creative challenges for businesses Continue reading

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If, as George Carlin said, “An artist has an obligation to be en route.” Please complete this sentence: An innovator has an obligation to challenge… Continue reading

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Why does a company employing 92,000 people and spending $1.3bn on R&D need to go outside for more innovation? The reason is one of the classic foundations of Open Innovation. Continue reading

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The Art of the Survey: why companies often build the wrong products

When done well, surveys can often answer important questions and occasionally provide some real insights. But, most surveys aren’t very good. Continue reading

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What’s in Your OODA Loop?

The model Colonel John Boyd developed as a fighter pilot, dubbed the OODA Loop for “Observe, Orient, Decide and Act” has become the foundation for agile strategy used for success in environments from legal, to business, and to war. Lt. Colonel Matthew Fritz shows us why.. Continue reading

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