The modern world is one of the visceral abstract, in which unlikely ideas lead to important breakthroughs and seemingly useless things can become useful indeed. While hard facts define today, new value is created only when the impossible becomes possible. Continue reading

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Doing design thinking is a cure for such small mindedness—and is the real, lasting benefit of this humanizing work. This post dives into this theory. Continue reading

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Michael Sliwinski, the CEO and Founder of Nozbe, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on wearable technology. This post highlights this conversation. Continue reading

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This week SAP launched a new e-publication, Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly. We sat down with Jeff Woods, Editorial Director for the magazine and VP, Corporate and Portfolio Marketing at SAP to get the back story. Continue reading

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If we’re going to win the future, we have to invest in it. Or, put another way, why isn’t what’s good for Microsoft good for the country? Continue reading

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Serial Innovators

While serial innovators bring their organization benefits, they too frequently are not valued and even seen as trouble makers. Continue reading

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We are often asked what makes Association members experts at innovation and the only answer we can give is that “no one is.” This is because we can’t be good at something we can’t define or understand. Continue reading

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