Do you have a favorite innovation video? Blogging Innovation is looking for the Top 10 Innovation Videos of 2011, and we have up to $3,650 worth of prizes up for grabs. The prizes are for the people who nominate the videos, not those who made them, so don’t despair if you haven’t made an insightful video unlocking the secrets of innovation. But if you’ve watched one, then share it with the world and we’ll help bring increased visibility to the person who did – well the top ten people. So, please tell us what your favorite innovation video is and share with the world some of the cool stuff that people are producing out there about how business innovation takes place (please no tech or gadget videos – we’re interested in showing people how to innovate not to invent). While you’re at it, you might want to check out some … Continue reading

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Share or Die

This post is a contribution I made to Shareable magazine’s new ebook – Share or Die. hope you enjoy my story. It’s October 2010, and I’m reclined in an all expenses paid seat in business class on a flight to Berlin. I’m going there for two weeks to collaborate on a video project with a couple of artists I met online, then flying to Amsterdam to present the video to a room full of bankers at the largest financial services conference on the planet. I’m not a media producer, nor do I work in the financial industry. All I can think to myself is “How the hell did I get here?” Rewind about a year and a half, and I’ve just started an MA in Media Studies at the New School in NYC. I have a vague sense that the Web is the future, and I want to understand what … Continue reading

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How to be Lazy, Productive and Successful

Some of the most successful and productive people I know are lazy. They’ll tell you so. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and the godfather of productivity. Lazy. He will tell you this at the beginning of his seminar. Seth Godin, who writes daily blog posts and has published four hundred books and continues to launch new businesses. Lazy. He told us so in a talk a couple weeks ago. There’s a theme and a lesson here. You can be highly productive and very successful – but also lazy. The trick, of course, is to make better use of your time. Work smarter, not harder. Here are eight ways to do that. 1. Do the opposite of what the lizard brain tells you to do Seth’s right, we all have a lizard brain telling us what to do. It’s what makes us procrastinate, keeps us from shipping, and leads … Continue reading

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Innovation and How to Harness the Creative Mindset

Harness the Creative Mindset Continue reading

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Path of Least Resistance a Threat to Innovation

It Creates Mirages and Kills Innovation by Stephen Shapiro While at a skeptics convention last week in Vegas, one of the speakers talked about why mirages are the result of light taking the path of least resistance. Instead of light from the sky going straight to our eyes, it is actually easier for it to first go to the ground and then to our eyes. (here’s an article I just found on this concept in case you are interested) This got me thinking… What is the path of least resistance in an organization? And does this create mirages? Does this give us false information? Does this ultimately destroy innovation? I was recently speaking with a client who has for quite some time been running an idea platform within their organization. Think of it as an electronic suggestion box where employees can contribute ideas they have that will help improve the … Continue reading

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Google Innovation Report

Google has just published “Think Quarterly” and the Q3 2011 is their Innovation Issue. As the cover welcome note states… “…We’ve curated big ideas from heads of industry, leading experts and our homegrown visionaries — all to help guide your own thinking. In our inaugural US issue, we focus on Innovation. Where can you break molds and shape the future? We hope this gives you inspiration, insight, and some new ideas of your own.” It is worth checking out simply to read the piece called “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” by Google’s Advertising SVP, Susan Wojcicki. The article calls out: Have a mission that matters Think big but start small Strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection Look for ideas everywhere Share everything Spark with imagination, fuel with data Be a platform Never fail to fail Thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing this out. Don’t miss an article (2,950+) – … Continue reading

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Don't Let Your Passion Be Your Downfall

Your passion can be an incredible motivator. It can get you through the dip. It can push you out of your comfort zone to do amazing things. Your passion can also make you blind. It can make you ignore warning signals. It can color your perspective against what the market is really telling you. Passion is a double-edged sword. Entrepreneurs and business leaders in particular need to proactively watch and manage three specific manifestations of passion: 1. Passion for the idea The idea can be a starting point, but may have nothing to do with where you end up. TechStars is famous for investing first in people, not ideas. Brilliant people come into the program with a good idea, but TechStar mentors may gently encourage them to go a different direction. Brilliant people passionate about specific ideas aren’t going to abandon them lightly. But ideas run their course. Are you … Continue reading

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