Where can you get the best design education?

My rankings PLUS places that do well at d-school + b-school by Idris Mootee I spent a good half-day in London at the Royal College of Art last week and lunch with Nick Leon of Design London. We exchange views of design thinking and the world of design and where it is going. Also met with some other faculties and plan to feature some of their work in the upcoming issue of the M/I/S/C magazine. Will write more on this next week. Design thinking can power up strategic business innovation and change design education, but no one can agree on how to teach its methods. It is not exactly a very good time to be graduating from design schools as thousands of graduates pour into the job market this year and many industries are still in a flux. But the positive side is design is gaining importance in business probably … Continue reading

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Open Innovation – Why, What, Who, Where and How!

Open innovation agency, 100% Open, has just held an Open Innovation Accelerator program in the UK. Their presentation slides are online and they have lots of interesting content worth looking into. In particular, I liked the below questions that you can ask yourself when you start an open innovation program. They make you think about some of the key issues that you need to consider. Why? What is the strategic case for an open innovation approach? (e.g. drive revenues, build brand, solve problems, etc.) What? What are our unmet needs or thematic opportunity areas that are best suited to an open innovation approach? Who? Who are our most promising/likely/complementary partners? (e.g. clients, peers, universities etc.) Where? Where will value be created for us and our partners? (e.g. business units, geographies, routes to market etc.) How? How will you run your open innovation strategy? Which processes/tools/incentives will you use? Check their … Continue reading

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Nissan's Innovation for All Campaign

A few months ago, Nissan North America launched a marketing campaign called “Innovation for All”, that has since proved to be a very effective campaign. The campaign was intended to highlight some of the major innovations that Nissan has implemented over the years. Being in the innovation space, this marketing campaign excites me, as it highlights the importance of innovations at the enterprise level; a trend that I think will continue to grow as collaboration and crowd sourcing become more popular. Several companies have already been practicing innovation for quite some time, but again I think this theme will become more mainstream in the near future. Nissan’s campaign features five television spots that highlight some of the more significant innovations out of Nissan, like their brake override technology.  The first ad spot to be released was an ad that asked some very interesting questions, like “what if cars didn’t need … Continue reading

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Treating Innovation as an Experiment

Most businesses recognize that they “need” to do innovation, just like I recognize that I “need” more exercise. Unfortunately, while for me more exercise simply means setting aside the time to do it and having the discipline to actually go out and jog, or swim, or bike, innovation takes more than time and discipline. It takes resources, and few firms today have any spare resources lying around. Which means that innovation is often taken on board very carefully, in a very controlled experiment, with limited time and limited resources. Far too often large businesses treat innovation as a risky experiment, a concoction held at arm’s length. These firms fail to create a hypothesis, fail to invest fully in the experiment and are often quick to reject or ignore the results. This is a Potemkin Village of innovation, which appears robust and interesting from a distance but …

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Creating Cross-Divisional Innovation Cohesion

R&D, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT – you’re familiar with the most common departments within a standard company, and have likely been involved with one or more. You know it can be a real challenge for unalike minds to understand where each other is coming from regarding any number of topics within a project. As an owner, you have to be the champion – the true driver of the process in order to create cross-divisional cohesion removing the silos. First and foremost, never underestimate the importance of selecting associates who are passionate about your product (or service) and effort. Hiring employees who truly believe in your product and company possess an innate form of motivation, and are far less likely to derail your efforts if they aren’t being rewarded or recognized on a constant basis. Passionate associates always strive to give their top effort towards the cause. Choosing all employees this … Continue reading

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The Growing Shift Towards Social Innovation

On 16 and 17 March 2011, Social Innovation Europe will be launched in Brussels. Funded by the European Commission, Social Innovation Europe will create a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative new Europe with the intent for Europe to embrace the broader concepts within innovation and set an example globally for this social movement. The aim is by 2014, Social Innovation Europe will have become the meeting place – virtual and real – for social innovators, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, policy makers and anyone else who is inspired by social innovation in Europe. This can provide the opportunity for social innovation – for so long on the margins – to take its place alongside business innovation at the center of the economic stage. Social Innovation Europe The intent will cover the following: Connect projects and people who can share experiences and learn from each other; Develop an easily accessible resource bank – so … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Measure Innovation Potential

I’m always a bit skeptical when I read about any definitive list, whether it’s six things to improve my complexion or seven myths of innovation. So I enter with some trepidation a list for your perusal, a checklist of sorts to help you ascertain whether or not your idea can become a a successful innovation. Note that the list below isn’t necessarily exclusive, and if you have factors or considerations you’d like to add I’d be glad to hear them (please enter them in the comments below, and please, no offers of Nigeria bank transfers or knock-off Nikes). Also note that even if your idea meets or exceeds your wildest expectations when you compare it to this list, you’ve accomplished about 1% of the work. After all, Edison said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. So start what is often the more difficult part of innovation, …

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