Innovation Perspectives

September’s opportunity to contribute your Innovation Perspectives is now here. This monthly feature presents our loyal readers (320,000+ unique visits last month) with different perspectives on a single topic all in one place – from several different authors. It gives our innovation community the opportunity to compare, contrast and discuss them in the comments here on Blogging Innovation and with the 3,750+ people in the Continuous Innovation group on LinkedIn. Here is this month’s topic from Graham Horton for publishing the week of September 27 – October 3, 2010: — Should companies treat innovation management as a core competence? And is so, how? Thank you to Brightidea for sponsoring Blogging Innovation this month. Find out more about Brightidea here. The submission deadline is midnight GMT on September 25, 2010 Several contributing authors will be writing articles on this topic, but you are also welcome to submit an article. The process … Continue reading

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Strategy versus Execution

Strategy without execution is another form of wasting time. If you plan to do something, but don’t do it, what’s the point? Many companies and marketers, however, do a lot of this. Lots of planning, lots of meetings, lots of PowerPoint presentation, but no action. It’s fine to not execute everything you plan for. In fact, that’s a required part of the process. You have to plan and create a strategy, sometimes, to know whether execution is even worth it. But you should also make sure, despite investing time in a good plan & strategy, that you always have a bias for action and velocity towards getting something done to measure, optimize, and drive results. Plans don’t execute themselves. Execution without strategy isn’t a whole lot better. It’s basically guessing. Too often marketers today confuse having a “bias for action” with moving straight …

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Rethinking Failure

Tried anything recently that didn’t quite work out? Congratulations! You’re on your way to a breakthrough. Bottom line, there is no innovation without “failure.” If your perception of failure is “something to avoid,” you can kiss innovation goodbye. Failure comes with the territory. If the word puts you in a foul mood, use another one — like “experiment,” for example. “The way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” — Thomas Watson, Founder of IBM “Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” — Miles Davis “99 percent of success is built on failure.” — Charles Kettering “I have not failed once. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” — Thomas Edison “An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots.” — Charles Kettering “Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of … Continue reading

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Voting Open - Top 40 Innovation Bloggers

Voting is now open in the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers Contest hosted by Blogging Innovation. If you’re a first time visitor to Blogging Innovation, we have nearly 1,700 articles on site with the aim to make innovation and marketing insights available for the greater good. Please check out our search feature, jump to a category, or try a random post or two at the bottom. People who vote (or who nominated someone) will be entered into the prize drawings for a range of great prizes (more than $10,000 worth), including: 3 signed advance copies of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire by Braden Kelley (get it before its October launch date) – priceless 1 ticket to the World Business Forum (October 5-6, 2010 in New York City) – $2,500 value 1 ticket to the Future Trends 2010 conference (October 18-20, 2010 in Miami) – $2,500 value Signed copy of The Power of … Continue reading

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Don’t Know What Your Business Model Is?

Here’s an alarming stat from Charles Baden-Fuller: 2/3 of companies have not articulated their business model. Yikes! This video has an interview with him in which he discusses this statistic and some of other business models issues that arise from the articles in a special issue of Long Range Planning which has twenty articles on the topic (all free to download through September): (Thanks to Anders Sundelin for the pointer to the interview) There are many different Business Model models in use at the moment – but all of them include similar components such as target market, value proposition, revenue generation mechanism, and position within the value chain and value network. The critical point here is that whatever business your organization is in, it has these components. In other words, you have a business model whether you’ve consciously thought of it or not. And according to Baden-Fuller’s research, at least … Continue reading

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Some of What I Learned on My Sabbatical

On June 1, I began a three-month journey of self-discovery. This morning I returned to Fleishman-Hillard eager and ready to share my learnings – both professional and personal – with you, my colleagues and my clients. Among my many educational experiences this summer were piano lessons. I’ve never been particularly musical, but I wanted my daughters to develop an appreciation for music. And, since I never had the chance to play an instrument growing up, I decided to challenge my brain and see what piano would be like. My kids had taken piano lessons before with little success due to lack of enthusiasm, but I thought that by modeling behavior, maybe we’d all get better results. My experiment paid off. Both my kids were really into it. My 12-year-old, Monica, became especially competitive and obsessed with practicing more than me and improving more than me. It’s proof that our kids … Continue reading

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Social Media Rock Star Angst

Apathy or Simply Pathetic? by Mike Brown Twice in the last few weeks, a big time “verified account” Twitter rock star expressed disillusionment over social media because….THEY WEREN’T BEING HEARD! In @Scobleizer’s case it was because no one had responded to a tweet telling them their Twitter feeds should be geocoded, as his is. In the case of @leolaporte, it related to his blog post expressing disillusionment that his Google Buzz messages had gone missing for days without anyone noticing. So all of a sudden two guys who both have orders of magnitude more followers than people they’re following (more than 6x for @Scobleizer and 165x for @leolaporte) experience varying degrees of social media-related existential angst because no one was listening to THEM? As my grandfather used to say, “Poor baby!” Just because these guys get a taste of what social media is like for lots of people trying to … Continue reading

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