Perception Matters

Does perception matter? We’ve all heard the saying “perception is reality,” but is it true? Does perception never, rarely, sometimes, or always equal reality? While I long ago reached the conclusion that perception does in fact matter, it may not be for the reasons that you might think. I have found that the majority of people tend to be myopic with regard to perception…they understand their own perceptions, but are quite often either ignorant or intolerant of other’s perceptions. You see, the most important item to understand is that success as a leader has very little to do with your perception, but rather it has everything to do with the perception of others. I’m not suggesting that you ignore your perception, subordinate your perception, or change your perception, but I am strongly suggesting that you take the time to both be aware of, and understand the perceptions of others. …

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Innovators Leverage the Deadwood

It’s time for me to come clean. In today’s social media crazed world it will come out sooner or later anyway. I have one high school varsity letter and it’s for bowling. Yes, you heard right, bowling. And it wasn’t ten-pin, but candlepin bowling. Anyone who grew up in New England, with parents like mine who looked for ways to get the kids out of their hair on rainy Saturdays, knows exactly what I’m talking about. Candlepin bowling rocks. For those of you who aren’t from New England, candlepin bowling is a unique version of the sport invented in 1880 in Worcester, Massachusetts by a local bowling alley owner, Justin White. Candlepin bowling is clearly evidence of New England as a regional innovation hot-spot. For the most part candlepin never caught on outside of New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces. In the …

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10 Questions to Determine Your Innovation Style

Whether accidental or intentional, all enterprises drive innovation with an organization model that has significant consequences for participation, results, breakthrough improvements or even initiative failure. What should you do to get the model right for your enterprise? Indeed, the substance of innovation consists of value-add contributions – be they product driven, service driven, market driven or business model driven. But to achieve the substance of innovation an enterprise must design the proper form of organization that is most likely to achieve desired outcomes. There is no best practice ideal organization: culture, communications, power distribution and human resource considerations are just some of the variables which will dictate what is right and what is wrong. Ask yourself the following ten questions regarding how your …

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Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival (Part 2)

Environmental Scanning by Venessa Miemis We recently discussed Pattern Recognition and the role it plays in understanding and decision making. The next topic in this 12 part series is pulled out of the Futures Thinking toolbox: Environmental Scanning Traditionally, environmental scanning is explained within a business context as a strategic approach to acquiring information in order to stay current on events, emerging trends, and external factors that could influence or impact an organization. It basically means paying attention to what’s going on within your industry, monitoring what your competitors are doing, what your customers are saying, and being sensitive to potential threats or opportunities along the way. I recently came across an essay titled A New Framework for Environmental Scanning, which presents a more holistic approach to this process. The author references the work of Ken Wilber, the developor of Integral Theory, who has created a framework for looking at … Continue reading

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Google Needs a Reset

Now Facebook Places. Next Facebook Faces. Then Facebook Realtime Mobile Directory? by Idris Mootee Working on social strategies for very cool companies often includes looking at their competition and coopetition. In the world of business strategy and competition, friends can become enemies overnight. Google is definitely not happy with the idea that Facebook is sitting there with 500 million users (50% of whom are very active). But, what can they do? Back in 2002, Google was competing with Overture and other search engine for shares. Overture was the search leader and was mining 3.2 billion pages, roughly 70 mm more pages than Google. Shortly thereafter Google climbed to 3.3 billion pages and continued to extend the gap. Soon after Overture bought the Web search assets of AltaVista and Fast Search and Transfer (including AlltheWeb), to compete with Google head on.. and the battle began… Google won AOL business away from … Continue reading

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The Open Innovation Imperative

Learning From Above by Robert F. Brands When the brightest minds across disparate industries gather to discuss open innovation, parallel – and completely fresh – thinking can emerge. Two days spent at this month’s World Research Group Open Innovation Summit among the best-of-breed innovation leaders in the space revealed consensus on the imperative for open innovation. From Fortune 100 corporations down to the most agile mid-sized companies, all embraced the need for innovation. This was refreshing indeed. Executives from P&G shared the news that the company’s Connect & Develop initiative is now taken to the next level in cooperation with Ohio’s state universities. Unilever reviewed the essential seven soft skills of teamwork-focused innovation. Johnson & Johnson spoke of its “Innovation Sandbox,” where the company unleashes and leverages the power of its entrepreneurial employees. “It’s all about enabling, and not just one way to do things,” J&J execs said. Open innovation, … Continue reading

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Don't Believe the Innovation Hype

There are some strange rumors circulating out there that I’ve written a book. Before these rumors spin out of control, I thought I should address you, the loyal and valued readers of Blogging Innovation, and set the record straight. I have not written a novel, an autobiography, or a tell-all book. Let us be clear. Despite what some people might be saying, I have not written a book about how to fix the sorry state of the global economy, or anything that might even in a small part include tips about how to find the perfect job. I also do not, nor have I ever pretended to be able to give you a new look or make you fashionable, either by writing about fashion or by speaking any magic or even mildly interesting words about the subject. But I must admit, that yes, I have written a book about innovation. … Continue reading

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