London: Insights and Highlights from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit from Marc Monar, a Strategic Consultant for HYPE Innovation. Continue reading

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Last week while in Vegas, I saw Larry the Cable Guy off in the distance. I expected everyone in the room to be flocking to him. Although a few people went up to get their picture taken with him, he was pretty much left alone. I decided to go over and talk with him. I quickly discovered that he is the Las Vegas Larry. In other words, an impersonator. Continue reading

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Chief Innovation Officer – An Insider or an Outsider?

I predict that lots of companies are going to hire or appoint a Chief Innovation Officer (or someone with a similar title / area of responsibility) in the coming years. The reasons are quite compelling… Continue reading

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There has been a lot of buzz around embracing failure as a stepping-stone to success. Many organizations welcome the idea and contemplate the thought of celebrating failure, but they are often reluctant to embrace the concept in practice. Continue reading

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Strategy Is No Longer A Game Of Chess

Legendary strategists have long been compared to master chess players, who know the positions and capabilities of each piece on the board and are capable of thinking several moves ahead.  Historically, that’s been a smart way to run businesses too. Continue reading

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14 surprising reasons why you should stop brainstorming

In business, growth is king. The targets we need to meet consistently require us to develop new and more creative ways to increase revenues. And when we’re out of good ideas, the natural next step is to set up a brainstorming session. A sure-fire way to deliver lots of practical new ideas, right? Or perhaps not. Continue reading

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The Trinity of Product Development

The early stages of innovation are inevitably quite uncertain and poorly defined. The Front End process gradually clears the fog, you’ve done your research experiments and confirmed that you have both technical and market feasibility. There comes a point when the development target is clarified, and this is where the Trinity of product development takes over. Continue reading

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