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10 Powerful Takeaways - Chief Innovation Officer Summit San Francisco

This is exactly what I found at the CIO conference in San Francisco last week…generating new ways to apply different approaches to business, learning, collaboration and innovation through experimentation.

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Opening up your innovation initiatives to outsiders is seen as more effective than relying solely on your internal R&D or marketing departments. However, because this approach is so new there is a dearth of guidance on how to measure the success of open innovation activities. Continue reading

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What’s Missing in the Disruption Debate?

I admit that I’m mystified by Jill Lepore’s article in the New Yorker attacking Clayton Christensen and his theory of disruptive innovation. Not only does it have a meanness that isn’t warranted, but it leaves the reader with an unanswered question: if Clay’s theories are not helpful (and I still believe they are), how do we explain the cascading disruptions that are playing out in markets and industries around the world? Continue reading

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It was notable, to say the least, when Roger Martin recently wrote in Harvard Business Review that he thinks that all the talk about adaptive strategy is a cop-out. In his mind, it is just a way for managers to get out of making hard, dangerous choices. Continue reading

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Camaraderie, decision-making, strategy, analytics, critical thinking, determination, taking action, winning, experiencing defeat, regrouping, pushing forward, learning, success, innovating — these belong in the lexicon of Military Experience, but also in the Workplace. Continue reading

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Innovation is serious business. The lifeblood of your company depends on your ability to serve the changing world with new products and services while continuing to generate profits. What does this have to do with comedy? Turns out there are a lot of similarities. Continue reading

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