An Interview with behavioral science expert Pete Foley on the 4 questions on innovation. Continue reading

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How A Driverless Car Sees The Road

Statistically, the least reliable part of the car is … the driver. Chris Urmson heads up Google’s driverless car program, one of several efforts to remove humans from the driver’s seat. He talks about where his program is right now, and shares fascinating footage that shows how the car sees the road and makes autonomous decisions about what to do next. Continue reading

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There are several definitions of innovation. Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer of Dell Services, helps to clarify several general innovation principles that Dell has adopted. Continue reading

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There are some that say design and innovation can change the world. Cameron Sinclair, who heads up design and construction for the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, is one of those people. Continue reading

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Innovate to Reduce Your Customer

Do you remember a time when you were just about to buy something, but at the last minute, you stopped and said, “No, I don’t think I’ll buy this.” So what stopped you? Continue reading

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Since China opened up to Western investment, some of most important international brands have failed to succeed in the Chinese market. Here are seven things Chinese startups need to change to win international markets. Continue reading

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Do CEOs See Innovation as a Priority?

We’d all like to be the best at everything and to make everything a priority, but that’s just not the real world. So what did CEOs say was their priority when they were surveyed by KPMG for their Global CEO Outlook 2015. Here are nine of the key findings from the report: Continue reading

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