The Energy Revolution Will Transform How We Live and Work

Revolutions in commerce used to be few and far between. James Watt’s steam engine, developed in 1781, set the stage for the first industrial revolution. But it wasn’t until a century later that the widespread adoption of electricity and the internal combustion engine brought about the second industrial revolution. Continue reading

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Shift Things Around

When leading a series of innovation workshops in our home town for the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team with division leaders at Memphis’ City Hall, our task was steep: change long-standing behavior patterns. Turn doers into innovators. Continue reading

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Can you teach people to innovate? - Innovation Excellence

One of my recent pet peeves is the proliferation of education options for innovation. One of my alma maters offers a “certificate” for innovation management. While I cannot comment on the course, it is taught by two professors with little private sector experience… Continue reading

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The Future of Jobs and Education - Innovation Excellence

One can argue that today’s education system is skewed towards the teaching of Professional Skills, and it’s this category that will face the greatest opportunities and challenges over the next fifty years. Continue reading

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Measuring Innovation, Part 3/3: The Growth Innovation Index (GII) - Innovation Excellence

This article is the third and final in a series of 3 articles discussing measuring product innovation. Continue reading

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 Are You Open Minded? Three Ways to Break Thinking Patterns - Innovation Excellence

In this TEDx Talk, Paul Sloane explains how to use the Power of the Random to boost Creative Problem Solving. Continue reading

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Taking Innovation from Lab to Society - Innovation Excellence

After a study highlights the benefits of accelerating the transition of research from lab to market, Adi Gaskell looks at how companies can better work with university and government research labs. Continue reading

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