Crowd-sourcing has become the predominant model used to support corporate innovation for a number of years now. But is this really the best approach to solving a problem? Continue reading

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“Entrepreneurs are using a new ‘Technocratic Democracy’ to create multi-billion dollar organisations faster than ever before; and legacy multi-nationals are finding themselves having to transform and rebuild their businesses in ‘mid flight’ in order to compete.” Continue reading

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A Promising Future for Government-Driven Innovation

During the 20th century Governments and public agencies such as NASA played a major role in the innovation chain. The Internet itself was born through public programs, just as GPS and many other game-changing technologies. But in recent years, questions arose over the efficiency of public efforts.. Continue reading

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MNC face an additional challenge to ideation: communication across language barriers. Here are three strategies to consider when facing this reality. Continue reading

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There have been written been articles on how to organize innovation within the corporate environment of larger companies. However, still few companies actually manage to successfully launch and maintain their ROI; the Return on Innovation. Continue reading

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Regain Control Over Your Innovation Portfolio

Innovating with purpose requires a clear strategy that aligns with business goals. Easier said than done. Here are three pragmatic starting points for an innovation strategy that delivers on growth expectations. Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Innovate

I’ve been meaning to write this article for more than a year, after a dialog I was part of with the CEO of a leading online travel site where I heard him say that the company wasn’t focused on innovation, that it wasn’t the right time to focus on innovation. This is despite the fact that the organization lists innovation as one of the company’s core values… Continue reading

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