Modern Mass Customization – Rule 5: Brace for Change

A successful shift to mass customization requires a holistic strategy with a far-reaching impact across the enterprise, a sound vision for organizational adjustments to the company, and skillful change leadership. Manufacturers should expect more than technology changes when transitioning to a mass-customization model. The organizational impacts of this transition are far reaching, and typically require role changes in… Continue reading

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When Magnus Carlsen arrived with his new disruptive strategy based on a patient positional style that eschews openings, one could say he had disrupted other player’s strategies… Continue reading

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How A Genius Thinks

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said that, “talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”  Lots of people are smart, but true genius has always had an element of mystery to it. Nobody really knows where genius comes from.  While surely there is a genetic component, most child prodigies… Continue reading

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10 TRENDS FOR 2015

Here are 10 TRENDS FOR 2015 and 10 prime innovation opportunities to run with – and profit from – in 2015! Continue reading

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Peter Cook

Wednesday 10th September was a red letter day in more ways than one – I received a “Little Red Letter” from Sir Richard Branson, asking me to meet him as a thank you for my work. I have long wanted to meet this innovator and lifelong entrepreneur and thought I would share my story of how I made this happen and some Leadership Lessons from this man. Continue reading

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An Innovation Tool - Value Chain Review

Do you want to innovate with your service or process?  Here is an effective method which I use on innovation workshops.  It involves analyzing and questioning every stage of your procedure. Start by breaking the customer journey down into… Continue reading

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Why people resist change, learning and innovation and what to do about it!

A recent conversation with a Russian trained TRIZ ideation consultant significantly disrupted my entire thinking on approaches and methodologies for problem solving. It involved her perception as to why people resist innovation, which she described as “psychological inertia” – “implies an indisposition to change – a certain “stuckness” due to human programming. It represents the inevitability of behaving in a certain way – the way that has been indelibly inscribed somewhere in the brain. Continue reading

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