The Power of an Audacious Vision - innovation excellence

For them, it no longer is about coming to a job every day and putting in their time in exchange for a paycheck… it becomes about waking up every day to be a part of a movement… part of doing something worth investing their lives in. Continue reading

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New Language for a New Year [Book Review] - Innovation Excellence

Prepare to laugh. Get ready to chuckle. Veteran word wonks Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf have done it again… Continue reading

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A review of David Bowie’s capacity as a serial innovator and re-inventor. Continue reading

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Growth: That Crazy Talk -

While iconic ventures stand as global luminaries of category-defining growth, such as the modern grocery store and overnight delivery, most businesses cower when facing growth. Continue reading

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Innovators: Are you tuning out? - Innovation Excellence

Am I the only one getting overwhelmed in choice, underwhelmed in content value? Are you really getting good value out of the time you are putting in or just filling in your time? I wanted to ask ‘out loud’ some questions to you. Continue reading

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Remembering David Bowie as a consummate innovator. The Starman was a master of blending and synthesizing concepts to consistently create innovation that spanned music, the arts and business models Continue reading

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Ditkoff: Storytelling @work

Mitch Ditkoff’s new book teaches us why storytelling improves efficacy for whatever it is that we are trying to communicate. It’s simple to do, opens minds, and shifts behavior in a positive way. Here are some reasons why… Continue reading

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