According to the experts, 2016 may finally be the year that artificial intelligence comes into its own. Here is how AI stands to aid us in the future. Continue reading

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Working Like a Startup is Not Equal to Working With a Startup - Innovation Excellence

Startup mentality is very powerful tool in developing more radical innovations serving hidden needs of the customer, there is also vast amount of added value in improving the perceived user value with incremental innovations for existing assets. Continue reading

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As a rule of thumb, there are only two routes in innovation. One is about sleepless nights, pain and hardship. The other is about sleepless nights, pain and hardship, plus divorce and financial ruin. This is not what the business books are promising. Continue reading

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Why Travel Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

Being a passionate about traveling I found that this activity may stimulate your entrepreneurial thoughts, spontaneously give you an absolutely brilliant idea, provide with the sudden solution you’ve been looking for so long, calm your inner tornado etc. There is something similar between unrestrained traveler and entrepreneur. Both are risk-takers anyway, both are on the search of the uncharted territories, both are adventurous enough to follow their inner compasses. Continue reading

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The Spark of Innovation: Changing your mindset to become an innovator

Innovation is not new a concept. Innovations have always been the major catalyst behind humankind’s success. But some of us are better at innovating then others and it all comes down to developing that innovation mindset. Continue reading

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IoT Brings Innovation Opportunity to HR

HR has to enable the workforce to drive innovation. Don’t look at IoT, like it’s magic. It’s science that you can use to improve the way you work. And you will generate a competitive edge while doing it. Continue reading

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The concept of risk often carries an inherent bias for an established company and for valid reasons.Risk can disrupt a healthy revenue stream, a stable customer base, and upset shareholders who like predictable results. Risk is something you manage. It’s something that you mitigate, not embrace. It’s this mentality that causes companies to invest millions of dollars each year just to avoid risk. Continue reading

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