“Over the years, Open Innovation has become the new normal” states Hannes, Director Open Innovation Networks at Swarovski. Continue reading

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Is Experience Good for Innovation? - Innovation Excellence

Experience is what you get just after you needed it. A lot of people succeed at innovation because they didn’t have enough experience to realize that they should have failed. Continue reading

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Directions of Mobile App Development Trends in 2016  - Innovation Excellence

“Write the code. Change the world.” John Stuart on Apple’s new language “Swift”, enterprise apps, cross-platform tools, IoT and more… Continue reading

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Eight I's of Infinite Innovation

Some authors talk about successful innovation being the sum of idea plus execution, others talk about the importance of insight and its role in driving the creation of ideas that will be meaningful to customers, and even fewer about the role of inspiration in uncovering potential insight. But innovation is all about value and each of the definitions, frameworks, and models out there and only tell part of the story of successful innovation. Continue reading

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The key to how IBM innovates is that it manages to create collaboration among all the moving parts—not only internally, but externally as well—into a key competitive advantage. Continue reading

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Shifting to Ultimate Outcomes - innovation excellence

We need to all get paid or rewarded far more on the value of the result from successful ultimate outcomes, judged by focusing only on the successful result of delivering to that real customer need. Continue reading

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The Power of an Audacious Vision - innovation excellence

For them, it no longer is about coming to a job every day and putting in their time in exchange for a paycheck… it becomes about waking up every day to be a part of a movement… part of doing something worth investing their lives in. Continue reading

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