The Future Of Money

It’s easy to see how money caught on. It was a much more efficient way to transact business than bartering one good for another. Money was also a useful store of wealth, certainly more convenient than livestock or grains. These two core functions—a medium of exchange and a store of value—still define money today. Continue reading

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You can’t create real impact by ignoring issues that may upend a project. Mark Payne goes over the what and how of generating big ideas. Continue reading

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To gain competitive advantage, organizations need to apply foresight and get ahead of change. President & CEO of Gongos, Inc. Camille Nicita shares how they are trying to both create and shape the change that is happening in the industry. Continue reading

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Learning 3.0 Relearning to learn by Manoel Pimentel

Latest slideshare from Manoel Pimentel, São Paulo, Brazil: Continue reading

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From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, we seem to want to simplify the innovation process down to a single person. In the process we forget innovation’s missing vitamin C – collaboration. Continue reading

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Top Innovation Thinkers – Time to Cast Your Vote!

Every two years, Thinkers50 produces the world’s most prestigious ranking of management thinkers. And 8 thinkers are honored with Distinguished Achievement Awards. Congratulations to co-founders Rowan Gibson and Braden Kelley who’ve been nominated for the 2015 Thinker50 awards. Here’s how to cast your vote! Continue reading

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Are You Ready for the Millennial Majority?

If you’re wondering why so much talk lately has been about Millennials, it may be because they’ve just become the majority of the American workforce. It’s true. The offspring of the “forever young” Boomers are taking over. The torch has been passed. There’s no going back. Continue reading

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