The most effective approach to change does not start or end in the C-suite. It happens at the heart of the organization, where mid-level managers and their teams build the momentum to implement and lead change. Executives initiate and support change, the rest of the organization lead change. Continue reading

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How to set-up a suggestion scheme

Michael Allen brings a fresh, new approach on how to set-up a suggestion scheme. Continue reading

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Design Your Own Drone, Robot or Machine for Good Competition

ALL FOR ENTRIES: We are seeking design IDEAS that are socially, ecologically and technologically relevant to humanitarian causes. The competition will be held April 23 at the Anti-Summit-beta at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, with 50K in prizes awarded. Apply by April 6th. Continue reading

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Battle Success With No-To-Yes

Everyone says they want innovation, but they don’t – they want the results of innovation. Continue reading

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Why big businesses fail at innovation

Nowadays you’ll likely find more than one news story about why big businesses fail at innovation. Here’s a look at the four most common reasons why big businesses fail at innovation. Continue reading

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Innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders, and business owners are faced with the same challenge every single day that millions of parents of teenage girls are faced with — and that is how to how to BRIDGE THE GAP between you and “that other person”… how to connect… how to engage in a way that works. Continue reading

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VF Corporation created a series of Bright Spots to augment their product mix and sell the innovations inside the company to ensure the innovation eggs hatched in the market. The real goal was to change the culture to accept innovation.
By working with consumer-based insights and using them to change the corporate culture, Soon Yu, the Global VP of Innovation at VF Corporation, speaks about the potency of sharing success stories as innovation champions. Continue reading

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