Our everyday decisions, and those of our colleagues, our consumers, and our families are constantly influenced by hundreds of cognitive biases. Pete Foley shares in no particular order, 20 that are related to innovation, the innovation process, and innovation research. Continue reading

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Innovation Engine in 90 Days

Scott Anthony, David Duncan, and Pontus Siren’s article in the December 2014 edition of the Harvard Business Review, “Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days,” is a compelling read. The article introduces the concept of a minimum viable innovation system (MVIS), an approach to innovation performance improvement that suggests companies… Continue reading

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If you have these three platforms in place you can begin to move from more of an ad hoc set of capabilities through to a more integrated, synergistic and interlocking set of capabilities Continue reading

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Cloud Computing is Dead, Long Live the Cloud!

Some people have made fun of the fact that I said that the iPad might fail when it was announced, but I just looked back at what I said back in 2010 (before Apple fixed their Value Translation problem) and I stand by what I said in that article, and then I looked further back to what I wrote in 2009 about my vision of where computing needed to evolve, to a concept I call Seamless Computing. Continue reading

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New platforms often start out as a toy, but that shouldn’t blind us to new capabilities that can either propel us forward or run us over. We will have to adapt our perspectives and our skills or risk becoming irrelevant. Continue reading

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By making a couple of adaptions any company can effectively start an employee-driven innovation revolution. Continue reading

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How Big Ideas Are Built

Companies often ask themselves why their innovation efforts seem to produce so few truly game-changing ideas. Why are they mostly getting only lukewarm suggestions for incremental improvements rather than radical new concepts for revolutionizing their industries? How can an organization get dramatically better at generating big, breakthrough ideas? Continue reading

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