Why assemble a team of experts in different fields if you don’t have them working together? Reconsider whether your organization has fallen victim to silo thinking–and get people to tear down the walls that box them in. Continue reading

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When Entrepreneurs Learn from Expeditioners

Whether launching an expedition idea that seems to defy the limits of human endurance, or building a new business that challenges existing market orthodoxy, you need to achieve a small miracle: creating something from nothing. Continue reading

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Stehphen Bohnet sits down with Scott Mercer, CEO and Co-Founder, to dive deeper into how this startup took shape and what lessons he learned. Continue reading

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Drowning in Content

In my industry, content creation (I’m an author, keynote speaker and publisher), there is already a flood of content and the flood waters will not recede anytime soon. In fact, the rate of content creation is increasing as more companies launch content marketing and inbound marketing campaigns to pull customers to them. Continue reading

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Greg Brandeau, co-author of ‘Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation,’ joins us on this episode of ‘The Innovation Engine’ podcast to discuss lessons learned about how to lead innovative teams from his years at Pixar and the Walt Disney Studios. Continue reading

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How Connected Will Retail Become?

A major theme at NRF this year was the Internet of Things (IoT). The show floor was packed with booths showcasing beacons and talking about how retailers can be more “connected,” “intelligent,” and “smart.” The number of companies sprouting up with products intended to better connect retailers with consumers is overwhelming. Whether you are already implementing these ideas or are still trying to understand where to start, here are some recommendations. Continue reading

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The practice of science needs to be updated. Much has changed in the 70 years since 1945. In order to honor Bush’s legacy—and maintain our technological leadership—we need to adapt it to modern times. Continue reading

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