Who – not what – it takes to succeed at game changing innovation. Continue reading

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Listen, Watch, Ask, and Involve Your Customers

When describing the SIT method, I sometimes say it’s like using the voice of the product. That’s because SIT is based on patterns that are embedded into the products and services you see around you. If products could talk to you, they would describe the five patterns of SIT. But there’s another important voice in business innovation: the voice of the customer. Continue reading

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Failure is something that you are supposed to crawl away from, try to forget and do your best to avoid next time around. The truth is that some of the most important ideas get uncovered that way, when something we thought was right ends up being very much wrong. Continue reading

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How does the disruptive machine work? In this article Alex Chenevier offers a consolidated view of his previous publication, by recording his research itinerary and extracting three intertwined progresses, ultimately surfacing a unified model. Continue reading

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We need to ask of ourselves a series of questions that I don’t think we are asking as we race to embrace ‘all things digital’. Continue reading

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Looking to analogous fields – other industries who have solved similar challenges – is commonplace in R&D departments. However, it’s often overlooked by other functions (e.g. marketing, procurement, HR) seeking to innovate, especially on small non-technical challenges; even though it’s equally applicable and quick and simple to do. Continue reading

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5 Keys for Creating an Innovation Culture

I had the pleasure of interviewing Braden Kelley, co-founder of the Innovation Excellence community. Braden is also a speaker and executive trainer as well as an author with a growing list of change and innovation publications. His last book was Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, and he is currently working on a new project, the Change Planning Toolkit™. He shared five keys to creating an innovation culture with me… Continue reading

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