High health care costs hurt us all

My suggestion is to look for appropriate solutions by considering how we have reached society’s goals in other contexts, e.g., pollution control. Continue reading

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Event Recap: Chief Innovation Officer Summit, NYC

This past week, Signals participated in the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC, an event that brought together innovation leaders and experts from organizations from NASA, Kraft, Southwest Airlines, the Philadelphia 76ers and many others in between. Below are some key takeaways of notes… Continue reading

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Editor’s note: we invite you to Kim Chandler McDonald’s weekly interactive forum — to read and collect your comments on “An Innovator has an Obligation to…” We hope you’ll join the conversation! The Week 22 theme is “Do” Continue reading

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Creativity Redefined for Innovation

We are learning that creativity is anything that adds value and relevance to its intended audience. Smart companies are finding ways to move away from the Just-build-it-like-I-told-you model. They are discovering that the merely deductive way of handling strategy or R&D has more limitations than benefits. Continue reading

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Between the Gates, Vol. 3: High Level Design

Gated development processes have been around for over 25 years now, and I rarely come across a company these days that does not have some form of a gated process in place. A gate review process, when well implemented, allows leadership to evaluate projects from a business perspective at critical junctures, leaving… Continue reading

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Problem is Us, Not the Robots

Richard Feynman was a legend in scientific circles.  One of the preeminent physicists of the 20th century—even other top minds considered him a magician—he is almost as well known for his jokes and pranks as he is for his groundbreaking discoveries. When Feynman was a young scientist, Eugene Wigner compared him to Paul Dirac, a giant at the time well known for his autistic qualities, saying… Continue reading

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Why leaders clearly think leadership matters for innovation. Too often a disconnect between what is said and what is done, which can confuse the innovation picture. A recent survey… Continue reading

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