The concept of mimicry is not a foreign one — we see this in nature all the time. With similar colours and patterns, predators who avoid the monarch also avoid the viceroy because they cannot tell the difference between them, even though the viceroy is not toxic. Continue reading

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What if you had four tried and true lenses to use to positively disrupt anything and make it easier to bring people along with you? Rowan Gibson has used in the four lenses in 60 countries to teach how to reverse-engineer creative genius and make radical business innovation an everyday reality inside organization. Continue reading

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Design Thinking to Bring Problems into Focus

Design Thinking involves 5 steps that begin with learning from customers and ends through iterations of product design and prototyping, producing a product that solves the customers’ problem in a valuable way – a solution they love. Continue reading

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Much of our innovation failures really do lie with us, not in the market, but internally within ourselves and within our organizations and it is a lot more than you think. Continue reading

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Your innovation profile should balance risk and reward and it should play to your strengths and resources. Continue reading

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Even without a specialized background or an obvious advantage in life, anybody can be successful, regardless of socioeconomic status or otherwise. Continue reading

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) deployments are never straightforward. Without thoughtful planning and a systematic approach, deployments end up with numerous problems that erode the potential business value of the system. Continue reading

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