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The Cube – Strata Conference 2012 – Tim O’Reilly, with John Furrier and Dave Vellante. The topics range from technology and energy to business intelligence and the future economy. The perspectives on building human capital are especially interesting and relevant. Continue reading

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Glass Tech

Watch and share Corning’s expanded vision for the future of glass technologies. This video continues the story of how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world. Continue reading

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Adrian Smith explains the STEPS Centre’s work on grassroots innovation. The reasons behind, and needs for, open, networked, and socially focused innovation are discussed. Continue reading

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Exploring spatial and structural similarities in crystals and music, showing how viruses behave like generative music, understanding how the full moon governs the tide which then rations water via a music sequencer. There is a “simon says” method in learning differences in scales, how DNA multiplies shows us how time signature and speed changes songs, an algorithm of gravity pulls a pendulum into natural counterpoint and the tectonic plates rub against each other and behave like chords. Continue reading

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Making Memories and Motivating Loyalty

This simple, true story of an encounter that Barbara Glanz had at one of her speaking engagements defines what good customer service means. Every employee can make a difference and create memories for your customers that will motivate them to come back – putting their personal signature on the job at the same time. Continue reading

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Co-Creation and Open Innovation in New Product Development

What is Co-Creation and how is it used in practice to come up with innovative products and services?

Drawing on 10 years of experiences in Co-Creation and Open Innovation, Hyve AG has put together a short video showing examples of collaborative innovation with consumers. Continue reading

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Beyond Limitation

Against the odds, innovators have the courage and perseverance to push on, never satisfied with the status quo. Don’t let challenges and failure squash your dreams. Continue reading

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