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Making Memories and Motivating Loyalty

This simple, true story of an encounter that Barbara Glanz had at one of her speaking engagements defines what good customer service means. Every employee can make a difference and create memories for your customers that will motivate them to come back – putting their personal signature on the job at the same time. Continue reading

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Co-Creation and Open Innovation in New Product Development

What is Co-Creation and how is it used in practice to come up with innovative products and services?

Drawing on 10 years of experiences in Co-Creation and Open Innovation, Hyve AG has put together a short video showing examples of collaborative innovation with consumers. Continue reading

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Beyond Limitation

Against the odds, innovators have the courage and perseverance to push on, never satisfied with the status quo. Don’t let challenges and failure squash your dreams. Continue reading

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Solar-Powered Mobile Device Charging Goes Social

German startup Changers launches solar-powered charger for mobile phones and a community and marketplace for turning energy produced into tangible credit. Continue reading

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Harnessing the Global Talent Pool to Accelerate Innovation

Braden Kelley, co-founder of Innovation Excellence, a global online innovation community and author of “Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire,” explores how organizations can utilize open innovation and crowdsourcing resources as an essential talent management strategy to drive their business in this webinar hosted by Innocentive. Continue reading

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Innovator Profile - Justin Ruthenbeck

Here is a video I found on Intuit’s web site of an interview conducted by Jan Bosch. Jan Bosch was a VP of Engineering Process for Intuit and started their Open Innovation efforts before moving on to academic roles at Chalmers University of Technology and also at the University of Groningen in Sweden. In this video, we meet Intuit Innovator Justin Ruthenbeck. Continue reading

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If the world is turning into one big interface then its creatives like these that will rule. They also remind us of the indelible connection between innovation and design, and yes, humor. See what you think. Maybe even win a prize. Before the world ends! Continue reading

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