Interview – Roger Martin – Author "The Design of Business"

I had the opportunity to interview Roger Martin, Dean of The Rotman School at the University of Toronto and author of “The Opposable Mind” and the new book “The Design of Business.” In this video Roger talks about the new book, the importance of the balance between analytical mastery and intuitive originality, country competitiveness, and the keys to design transformation.

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Interview with Dean Kamen

I had the opportunity to interview Dean Kamen, inventor and innovator extraordinaire, at the incentive2innovate conference at the United Nations in New York City. His inventing exploits include the Segway, the insulin pump, and a stair-climbing wheelchair. Come see our conversation about the difference between invention and innovation, the importance of making science interesting to kids, and the challenge of ...

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Innovation Acceleration

Deborah Byrd of EarthSky Communications turned me on to a TED video from Chris Anderson, Curator of TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) where he speaks about the power of online video to accelerate learning and innovation. He speaks about how the explosion of bandwidth, the power of non-verbal communication and the ability of the medium to visualize problems or solutions is ...

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