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Gary Hamel

Watch Gary Hamel, co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), discuss how to make innovation an everyday, everywhere capability. In this video blog, Hamel lays out three critical questions you can use to test the depth of your organization’s innovation competence. Continue reading

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The Sky is NOT the Limit

Meet Peter Diamandis – the visionary man behind the X Prize Foundation which provides financial awards to spur the next generation of big thinkers and enable inventors to solve the world’s biggest crises. Through this dynamic portrait we see the world through Diamandis’ inspired point of view. Revolution through Competition! Continue reading

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TED2012 remixed: It's Time for TED

John Boswell — he created the “Symphony of Science” videos — came to TED this week. Not to talk, but to listen and remix. Hear his mix of TED2012, with some classic TED moments mixed in.
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Rediscovering a Lost Science - Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland talks about inefficiency, as demonstrated through examples. He outlines how perception and context impact a person’s decision-making process. Sutherland uses economics, an ad campaign for Shreddies and basic psychology to demonstrate how value is subjective. Continue reading

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iPod Teletrauma

Dr. Rafael Grossmann Zamora is a trauma surgeon at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. He and his team have been involved in the application of “virtual presence” to the initial care of injured patients also known as “teletrauma” for several years. Continue reading

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Solar Roadways

What if roads and parking lots were solar, fueling enough energy from the sun to power nearby communities as well as electric vehicles? Scott and Julie Brusaw, the inventors/creators have the answer. Continue reading

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History of Gaming

This is a university video-project made by “Game Design”-students from munich. Done in a single-shot fashion…well almost single shot. The film covers different eras of the video-game history. Continue reading

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