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Reinvention – Innovation Lessons from Business and Music

In this TED Presentation on personal and corporate reinvention, Peter Cook compares the work of music artists Prince, David Bowie and Bill Nelson who have reinvented themselves. Some managed the reinvention trick taking their audiences with them, whist others pursued reinvention but left their audiences behind. In business, the transferable lesson is to reinvent your company, its products and services without losing audience or customers. Continue reading

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Innovation in Law - Chrissie Lightfoot

This interview is a part of Winscribe’s upcoming “Innovation in Law” Expert Series which aims to provide law firms and legal professionals with relevant information to build and grow their respective businesses with the help of technology. Continue reading

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Grand Opening of Florida Innovation Hub

The grand opening of the Florida Innovation Hub, an all-inclusive business incubator located within Innovation Square in Gainesville Florida. Continue reading

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P & G CEO and Chairman Bob McDonald on Innovation

Procter & Gamble’s CEO and Chairman discusses in an interview with Russell Reynolds Associates the principles of leadership that create innovative cultures and help drive performance. Continue reading

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Innovation in Education from UC Berkeley

A whiteboard style discussion from an independent study by Sara Beckman. It outlines what she believes to be true innovation in the educational space, currently being spearheaded by UC Berkeley. Continue reading

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Four Ways to think like an innovator

Four Ways to Think Like an Innovator, a video from HBR Channel, featuring Scott Anthony, author and managing director of Innosight Asia-Pacific. Continue reading

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