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Stephan Vincent takes us through 10 top reasons why innovation fails. You may recognize your company efforts on his list. Do not despair; you are not alone, and he will provide solutions in his upcoming posts. Continue reading

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Toda organización necesita fortalecer la “creatividad y la innovación” como parte de un proceso de renovación “estándar” de todas las áreas de la misma. Continue reading

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Mitch Ditkoff defends brainstorming in the wake of a trend of ‘brainstorm bashers’. Continue reading

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The New Era of Talent

Unfortunately, it seems that even the best firms are facing a widening skills gap and it will only get worse. McKinsey recently released data outlining a fundamental mismatch between the demand for skills and the supply of workers who have them. Continue reading

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Balancing Large and Small Firm Capabilities

Organizations need to balance exploitation (i.e. development of existing business) and exploration (i.e. creation of new businesses) in order to thrive on the short and long term. Corresponding integration of incremental and radical innovation can basically be achieved in different ways… Continue reading

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The Lean Startup concept is an appropriate choice for creating new businesses through development of an already existing idea or vision. Design thinking, on the other hand, might be preferred if the right business idea has not been found yet and customer needs or problems are still vague. Continue reading

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We invite you to Kim Chandler McDonald’s weekly interactive forum — to read and collect your comments on “An Innovator has an Obligation to…” We hope you’ll join the conversation! Continue reading

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