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Whilst the practice of “build-test-fail-learn-iterate” can lead to elegant innovation and superior user experiences in relatively simple, linear 1:1 company-customer markets such as consumer goods or tech, in markets characterised by many stakeholders with often competing interests, design thinking is less effective. Continue reading

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Diabolically Simple Questions - Innovation Excellence

As a leader, it’s more important to slash through the complexity and see things as they are. And for that, it’s more important to know how ask diabolically simple questions (DSQ). Continue reading

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Monday Morning Mojo: Self-Transformation - Innovation Excellence

If you have ever had a goal that seems out of reach, beyond your ability, self- transformation is the key to succeeding. Self-transformation is the ability to intentionally provide yourself with experience that increases your abilities. Continue reading

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Know Your Brain Type and Get More Ideas - Innovation Excellence

This is another article about Quantum Idea Generation a process proven to generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming. In previous articles, I’ve addressed the first two of four Quantum Idea Generation elements – diversity and stimulus. Continue reading

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Why Your Organization Needs a "Whip” to Help Build a Widespread Innovation Culture - Innovation Excellence

As an organization builds its top-down, bottom-up structure, a whip is surely needed. So What’s a Whip? Continue reading

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What is the Most Powerful Tool for Change Leaders? - Innovation Excellence

In his latest video, Seth Kahan speaks to self-transformation of ambitious change leaders. Continue reading

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 How to Quantify Novel, Useful and Successful - Innovation Excellence

Is it disruptive? Is it innovative? Two meaningless questions. Two questions to stop asking. More strongly, stop using the words “disruptive” and “innovative” altogether. Strike them from your vocabulary and replace them with novel, useful, and successful. Continue reading

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